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10 Awesome Bike Accessories Every Cycling Enthusiast Needs

For those of us whose bike is their pride and joy, a new cycling accessory is always more than welcome.

Be it a funky-sounding horn, a new set of wheels, a sturdy lock, or a cool bike cover – pimping your ride brings a whole new level of joy. Here’s a list of the ultimate cycling accessories that combine great design with practicality and will make the modern bike enthusiast happy both out on the road, as well as at home.

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#1 VELOSOCK Bike Cover

Your bike. In a sock. Yup, that's a real thing. And it's very convenient, too! The VELOSOCK is a brilliant solution for storing your bike inside the house, apartment, office, and even transporting it in the car. 

It hides all the sharp parts of your bike and collects the dirt and debris so that your floors and walls stay pretty and clean. The cover is super-stretchy and durable, and it offers more than 20 elegant designs. There's definitely something for everybody. 

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#2 Bucaboot

This flexible bike basket was made so that you don’t have to feel like a mule carrying all your belongings around the city anymore. What’s more - it’s not only safe, but it looks great, too! Bucaboot is spacious and will keep your stuff protected from rain and prying eyes when you walk away.

You can open it up to fit larger things like groceries in, or keep it closed for smaller items. It even has additional side openings for extra storage! Fits any standard rear bicycle rack, so you’re good to go!

#3 Fumpa Portable Bicycle Pump

This portable bicycle pump might be cute as a button, but it is also surprisingly powerful. The pocket-sized Fumpa pump is lithium-powered and makes it easy to check pressure and fill up tires at an exceptional rate. 

In under a minute, your tires will go from flat to full, and it works on both Presta and Schrader valves. Or if you're out on the road for a longer period - take the miniFumpa pump with you. Either way, it's a great choice for cyclists of all kind. 

#4 Iceberg Bike Hanger

Contrary to what the name conveys, this wall rack for bikes is actually made of top quality wood - oak, birch, or chestnut, take your pick. This unique bike hanger is 100% handmade and is a design piece on its own.

To get your bicycle into the bike mount, you need to twist it a bit, so that it locks into place and won't easily fall out. We love the minimalistic approach, the smooth design and its own special character from all viewing angles! A classy addition to any home.

#5 Thousand Bike Helmet

This is one of those rare bike helmets that you'd actually want to wear. It's sleek, it's well-crafted. But it's also so much more than that. The aesthetics of the Thousand bike helmet not only manage to eliminate the stigma of wearing a helmet, but they protect the rider from trauma on the road in a very thorough manner.

The helmet has an internal cooling system, eco-friendly fit straps, a convenient PopLock system that works as an anti-theft device, and many other cool features. Buying the Thousand bike helmet also means giving back to the community, because a portion of proceeds will be donated to One Percent For The Planet.

#6 Ass Savers Foldable Mudguard

Say goodbye to crappy pants! This fender will do just what the name says - save your hiney in case of riding through mud and slush. Ass Savers mudguard is lightweight and foldable, so you can easily throw it in the bag or your pocket when it’s sunny outside and clip it back on the bike when it starts pouring.

This mudguard fits on every bike with standard seating, and you’ll be ready to go in only a couple of seconds. It really is the perfect little gadget for those who commute on a daily basis, live in a rainy climate, or participate in lots of MTB races.

#7 Lion Bicycle Bell

With its aura and loveliness, this retro brass bell made in England will enhance the look of any bicycle. Its musical and clear sound with a long sustain is loud enough (but not harsh) to get you noticed in the cycling ecosystem and make people around you smile.

Lion bicycle bells are made from corrosion-resistant materials, so they’re sure to last long. It also has stainless-steel fittings for stem or bar. A fine piece of bike equipment - you’ll be surprised how happy the Lion bike bell can make you.

#8 SmartHalo Smart Biking System

Named “the best invention since the wheel”, SmartHalo is a biking device that sits on the handlebars of your ride and shows you the way. Literally.

By syncing to your smartphone, SmartHalo shows turn-by-turn navigation right in front of you on your handlebar. How? Through an intuitive halo of light, guiding you to your destination through the quickest and safest routes. What's cool is that it also works as a fitness assistant, lamp, and even an alarm. It's the whole package!

#9 Urban Poncho

The Urban Poncho was created by London designer Otto Lauterbach to protect the dedicated rider from the rain. It's a mastery of waterproof cycling style, combining nylon outer and taped inner seams with lightweight cotton lining on the inside. 

The versatility of the poncho makes for a cool jacket even when it's not raining. Besides, it comes with straps to hold onto handlebar and a dry inner pocket to keep your most prized possessions like phone or wallet safe. With the Urban Poncho, you'll be riding proud no matter the weather. 

#10 KEEGO Squeezable Metal Water Bottle

Up until KEEGO, all squeezable bottles were made of plastic. That meant potential health risks and bad taste. Nobody wants to drink stale water, contaminated by plasticisers and softeners. With KEEGO, you don't have to anymore. 

Inspired by Roger Federer, this bottle is the first in the world made out of elastic metal - 99.8% titanium, to be exact. It's long-lasting and keeps your water pure and fresh. KEEGO's ergonomic shape, lightweight, and ideal flow-rate is a perfect fit for any athlete, especially for the cyclist who's always on the go. 

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Written by Kristine Spure