How To Manage a Construction Project Step by Step

Construction is hard work. That probably goes without saying, but a lot of people don’t know how difficult it can get. Many are aware of the dangers related to the profession but not necessarily of the logistics. Before committing to managing a construction project, it’s important to go over some step-by-step guidelines.

Draw Up a Plan

What’s the plan? Start there. There are a few things to consider when drawing up a plan for a construction project. The manager needs to factor in costs, materials, time, and safety guidelines. Just to name a few. There’s more that goes into the planning, but first, sit and decide if the project is feasible.

From there, you can better determine what you need to accomplish. Think about the resources you’ll need, and who’ll need to contact. Communicate with whomever hired you to make sure they are aware of every stage that will happen during the development.

Gather the Team

Who’s in the crew? Start to gather them up. For every task, you’ll need at least one expert in that area. You want someone who knows what they are doing and will be a welcome addition to the team. Think about the size of the job to better determine how big your crew needs to be.

Some stages may require multiple people in one area. See who’s comfortable with which roles and make sure you receive daily updates from your team to see their progress. Keep in constant communication on and off the site.

Be Flexible

What’s the one complaint during construction projects? You guessed it. “Why on Earth is it taking so long?” The client won’t know and the people walking and driving by surely won’t. But construction takes time. There will be moments when things are beyond your control.

Build in flexibility time. Provide a timeline but add to it occasionally. Especially during the winter. Expect delays during that season because that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Keep the client updated when issues do arise that mess with the timeline.

Plot Out the Site

What’s happening with the site? Sure, you know where the construction is taking place, but where are the materials, tools, and heavy equipment going? You must plot out the areas that you need to close off.

Make sure you have a designated area for breaks and use the facilities, too. On a construction site, it’s important to know which porta potties you need to rent for the entire team. Especially since they will be long-term rentals.

Get Started

What’s next? Get started! You’ve covered the basics and anything else that may arise during the project, you’ll handle in stride. Remember to remain calm and never get stressed. Stress and construction do not mix.

It can cause too many distractions and those are dangerous on a job site. Check-in with your team frequently to make sure they are taking proper and adequate care of themselves too.

Managing a construction project is not for amateurs. But taking it step-by-step can make things simpler for everybody.

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Written by Jake Rheude

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