Fupping is an innovative new platform which allows authors to take home the revenue their articles generate over their lifetime. We focus on viral product lists, book and product reviews and expert buying guides.


Writing for Fupping can generate long term passive income for passionate and committed writers. We are not promising an instant spike in earnings (although they do occur). If you put in the time and effort and generate engaging, interesting and well written content over time then you can earn good money. 


Check out all of our affiliate partnerships by clicking here.

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Affiliate Programs: An affiliate program is an automated electronic program that involves a Web advertiser and recruited webmasters. The webmasters, as affiliates, place the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites. The ads in affiliate programs are linked to company websites and are referred to as affiliate links. We take care of all of the link management, you just have to insert a link to the product(s) you want to feature in the referral link box when writing and an editor will replace it with your unique tracking ID.

Affiliate Rate: An affiliate rate is the percentage of any sales that you refer to a website you will earn.

Lead Payout: A lead payout is the money you will earn for generating a lead to a website or service.

Cookie Length: A cookie length is the length of which a cookie will remain in a readers browser after clicking an affiliate link.

Example: Say a company has a 7% affiliate rate and pays a lead payout of $2 per email signup with a 30 day cookie. If a users reads your article and then signs up to an email, you will earn $2. If then 6 days later they return to the website and buy a product for $150, you will earn $10.50.

Fupping has partnerships with hundreds of different stores and companies. You can check them out by clicking here. Each company pays out a different percentage of sales you refer to the, from 2-20%. Most companies tend to be around the 5-7% mark.


When you write an article, list, book or product review or add to an existing list on Fupping a unique tracking ID personal to you will be created and used to replace the link in your submission and will track how much your article generates.

Different affiliate partnerships pay out different rates and the full list of partners and payout rates can be seen here.

Writers and content creators will take home 60% of the revenue that their article generates for as long as it is up. We don’t remove content unless it is flagged by DMCA or is malicious in intent.


On top of these 6 simple steps to getting started earning on Fupping we have a resource centre. You can explore it here. It has guides on everything from getting started to writing book reviews and product lists.


Before you jump into the world of revenue share content writing there are some things you should understand. First of all, while writing on Fupping your revenue will come from a few different sources.

You will generate some of your earnings from AdSense. Adsense pays out at around £1-2 per 1,000 views, but it is subject to change and depends on content. On top of that, the majority of revenue comes from affiliate programs. You can see all the affiliate programs we are partnered with here.


Once you’re satisfied that you want to write for Fupping you can jump into the exciting community and get to know everyone. First however, you’ll need to register an account. We have created a guide on how to register an account that you can view here. 


Okay, so you’ve registered an account, you’re wondering what is next. First of all you need to decide what you want from Fupping. Are you going to be an occasional book reviewer who earns beer money or are you going to be a hardcore contributor who writes 3-4 highly polished articles a day and tops our earning leader board?

If you cannot decide, but still want to contribute and be part of the community then we have countless ‘open lists‘, that you can add items to to bring in some passive income. You can check them out by clicking here


Once you have decided what type of writer you want to be (there is no commitment, so do what you want really), it’s time to start writing content. 

You will earn advertising revenue on all lists you write, but you’ll earn a lot more if you write product orientated lists that feature 5+ items linked from different affiliate sources. We have listed all the companies we are partnered with here, so you can pick and choose products from them for maximum earnings.


So you’ve done your research, you’ve spent hours writing a high quality list… now what? Well after you click submit an editor will take a look at your post. We have a dedicated team of editors who take quality very seriously. If they think the quality is good enough they will create a stylish thumbnail and header image for your post and submit it. 

If there are some minor problems with grammar and spelling then the editors will correct them and post your edited post. If your post does not meet our quality standards then it may be rejected. Feel free to contact the person who rejected your post for an explanation. 

Editing can take up to a few days as we get a lot of post submission, but it is normally a lot faster. If you get a track record of creating high quality posts then your posts may be automatically approved by our AI bot that we are currently trialing. 


So you’ve submitted a bunch of high quality articles and book reviews, you’ve added hundreds of items to lists… where are the earnings?

Well Fupping has two types of earnings. First of all, while participating in our community and writing lists you will acquire ‘bonus points’. The amount of points you get for different activities varies depending on who you are and how much you contribute. Once you hit 15 bonus points this will be converted into real earnings you can cash out. 

As you write lists and articles for Fupping you will soon realise that there is no secret bullet to earning lots of money online. If your content is quality and your list contributions are the best you will soon see your earnings picking up. Fupping is a growing website so an article you write now may not earn a lot now, but in the future it could go viral and get a lot of traffic. 

This is part of the beauty of Fupping. You earn from your article for as long as it is live. 


What are you waiting for? Jump in and join our amazing community of writers and contributors and start earning.

Fupping has hundreds of members from all around the world, writing for us opens up hundreds of opportunities to network and learn about the world in hundreds of different cultures.