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Make Your Own Cheeseboard and Cheese Homeware Gift Packs

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NEW for this Christmas at Paxton & Whitfield are these two delicious ranges – Make Your Own Cheeseboards and Cheese Homeware Gift Packs. Both these selections have been created by the team at Paxtons for customers to create these enticing experiences and enjoy the exceptional artisan cheeses and fine foods that they contain.

James Rutter, director of operations for Paxton & Whitfield, explains:

“This year we wanted to create a selection of gift packs that gave our customers the opportunity to create enjoyable moments with friends and family where they can enjoy an amazing selection of the cheeses and fine foods that we sell. It’s about getting people together and having some fun with cheese!

“The Make Your Own Cheeseboard packs include everything you need to create visually tempting displays that your guests will just go ‘WOW!’ at when they see them. The Cheese Homeware Gift Packs give you the opportunity to enjoy the products and cheese and then keep the homewares to use over and over. We hope customers will get so inspired that they feel they’ll want to share them on social media – so don’t forget our address – @paxtonscheese.”

All the products in the packs are available from Paxton & Whitfield’s four shops in Jermyn Street -Piccadilly, Cale Street – Chelsea Green, Bath and Stratford upon Avon, as well as online at

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Image: Cheesemonger’s Choice Platter

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Make Your Own Cheeseboard Range

Impress your guests with these delicious and striking cheeseboards! The MYO cheeseboard range provides all the cheese and fine foods you need along with a complete guide to cutting, plating and serving cheese like a true professional. Each selection comes with a step-by-step instruction leaflet of how to put them together. So order a pack, have fun putting one together and even more fun savoring it!

Make Your Own – British Cheese Platter

This cheese and fine food selection celebrate the best of British artisan cheese and charcuterie with delicious fine food accompaniments. The pack includes Paxtons Cave Age Cheddar PDO* (250g), Perl Las (250g), Tunworth (250g), Cornish Charcuterie Salami (90g), Sloe, Fig & Almond Slice (100g), No 93 Ale Chutney (198g) and Cornish Buttermilk Biscuits (100g).

Make Your Own – Cheesemonger’s Choice Platter

A selection of fine cheeses selected by Paxton’s cheesemongers. The pack includes: Langres PDO* (180g), Lincolnshire Poacher (250g), Fourme d’Ambert PDO* (250g), Cornish Charcuterie Salami (90g), Apricot, Date & Sunflower Seed Cracker Bakes (100g), Celery & Sea Salt Oaties (150g) and Trio of Mini Confits (135g).

Make Your Own – Continental Platter

A mix of the finest Continental cheeses and fine foods to create a visual and flavor sensation. The pack includes Manchego Curado PDO* (250g), Camembert de Normandie PDO* (250g), La Burchette (150g), Fig Ball (250g), Quince Cheese (140g) and Multiseed & Cracked Black Pepper Cracker Bakes (100g).

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Cheese Homeware Gift Packs

A selection of gift packs that include Paxton’s cheese homewares and artisan cheeses to enjoy with them. Once you’ve used the cheeses you’ll have the homewares to keep and use again and again.

Make Your Own Baked Camembert

An elegant lidded, ceramic dish to bake a Camembert in and some fruit to cheese to enjoy with it. A simple but blissful dish to enjoy and afterward, you have the baker to keep and use again. The pack includes Paxtons Camembert Baker, Camembert de Normandie PDO* (250g), Gooseberry Fruit Cheese (120g), Rosemary Wafers (150g) and a Beech Wood Spreader.

Two Person Raclette

This mini, candlelit Raclette grill, with Raclette and other accompaniments, is perfect for an intimate dinner for two. The pack includes Paxton & Whitfield Raclette Grill, Raclette (250g), Sweet Cucumber Pickle (198g) and a Cornish Charcuterie Salami (90g).

Two Person Fondue

Cold winter nights require cozy nights in with melted cheese ‘a Deux’. This candlelit fondue is perfect to share and create that cozy feeling. The pack includes Paxton & Whitfield 2 Person Fondue Set, Gruyere Reserve PDO* (250g) and Mayfield (250g).

Six Person Fondue

The ultimate fondue feast that comes with Paxton & Whitfield’s Six Fondue Set, cheese, British Charcuterie, fine food accompaniments, and wine. What more do you need to entertain on a cold winter’s night? The pack includes Paxton & Whitfield Six Person Fondue Set, Raclette (500g), Gruyere Reserve PDO* (500g), Sweet Cucumber Pickle (198g), Caramelised Onion Chutney (227g), Cornish Charcuterie Salami (2x 90g) and a bottle of Côtes de Duras White (75cl).

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* PDO – Protected Designation of Origin, for products that are produced, processed and prepared within a particular geographical area, and with features and characteristics that must be due to that area.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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