Over Half of Brits Don’t Change Their Bedsheets Every Week!

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  • The household chore Brits are worst at keeping up with is dusting blinds and light fixtures – only 13% say they do it as advised (monthly).
  • A shocking 57% of individuals say they don’t change their bedding every week, the recommended frequency.
  • Respondents are thankfully the most on top of cleaning their toilet– 88% say they do this as frequently as we’re supposed to (weekly).
  • Brits are worst at keeping up with monthly tasks – all four monthly tasks included in this study are carried out by less than a quarter of respondents.

The notable rise of the ‘Cleanfluencer’ is evidence of Britain’s growing obsession with achieving the squeakiest, cleanest house possible.

Yet, this wave of cleanliness seems to be evened out by those who’ve never seen or used a duster in their lives. University students, those too busy, and those who couldn’t care less are few that come to mind.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated We risk respiratory, immune and skin issues by not cleaning regularly, but it isn’t as simple as an all-round weekly task. Every chore requires a different frequency of cleaning – plus, who has the time?

In light of this, End of Tenancy Cleaning London conducted a survey to assess how on top of cleaning Britain really is.

2,530 respondents were asked which tasks they performed as often as recommended*.

Of the daily recommended tasks, the cleaning chore the fewest people complete daily is wiping down bathroom surfaces – shockingly only 26% of 2,530 respondents said they do this.

Next in line is wiping kitchen surfaces and table. Whilst much higher, a somewhat concerning 69% only complete this task daily – that’s almost two-thirds of Brits who don’t clean the surfaces they use most, which can host potentially deadly bacteria.

The remaining two tasks, in increasing percentages, score as follows:

Take out rubbish and recycling (73%) and clean dirty dishes (81%).

The chore the fewest people carry out as advised is dusting surfaces and cabinets, with a tiny 38% of Brits saying they do this weekly.

The next “worst” chore is changing beddinga worryingly low 43% of people are doing this weekly, considering the amount we sweat, and shed dead skin whilst we sleep.

Remaining weekly advised chores score as shown below:

Clean mirrors (58%)

Full bathroom clean (67%)

Vacuum/mop floors (74%)

Water plants (83%)

Clean toilet (88%)

Finally, some chores are only necessary on a monthly basis, according to general expertise. Even so, these tasks are revealed as the worst for keeping on top of. For instance, dusting blinds and light fixtures is done monthly by only 13% of Brits – the least receptive chore by housing Brits considered in this study.

The next worst chore is cleaning the

Dishwasher and washing machine (19%)

Washing curtains (20%)

Cleaning the oven, fridge and microwave (23%).

*Advised cleaning frequencies were obtained through thorough research of cleaning, home and property experts to gather consensus for ‘recommendations’.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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