Meet the Precocious Handbag Designer Who Began Producing Bags When His Girlfriend Couldn’t Afford One

Photo by Okwaeze Otusi on Unsplash

Up-and-coming Chinese handbag designer Yang Liu hopes to reach a wider audience in the West so he can pay off his debts and propose to his girlfriend.

Liu, the Founder and Managing Director of handbag design brand ANGTI & YANG, began designing and producing handbags through an inability to afford one for his partner while they were both studying.

After meeting his girlfriend Peng at the National Technical University of Belarus, Liu, then aged 19, was frustrated that whenever Peng saw a handbag she loved, that they didn’t have sufficient funds to buy one – so he decided to design and make his own.

“It’s all about the about the power of love. Whenever Peng saw a handbag that she wanted but couldn’t buy because of the price, it hurt me”, said Liu.

Liu continued, “I said to Peng, ‘In order to make you happy, I am going to make you one myself, and not just one similar to the one you want, but better!'”

Photo by Pham Yen on Unsplash
Photo by Pham Yen on Unsplash

When asked what the hardest part of designing and making a handbag from scratch was, Liu said, “Well, I had no training, no experience, no clue about the handbag industry. Nothing. So overcoming all aspects of that was very hard.”

“I had to learn about things like the material characteristics of each kind of cowhide, how to make the paper grid, how to craft bags from hand, but now, after years of hard work and struggle, we are producing beautiful handbags which are, I’m proud to say, very popular”, Liu said.

Despite the growing popularity of his bags, Liu confessed, “Because of many years of study and the startup costs involved with getting ANGTI & YANG off the ground, I have a lot of debt.”

“The sad truth is, I don’t want Peng to wait for me any longer. I want to pay off my debt as soon as possible and propose to Peng. After that, I plan to design gorgeous accessories, such as bracelets and scarves.”

ANGTI & YANG is founded on three pillars:

  1. Great design
  2. High quality
  3. Elegance

The overall aim is to deliver functional and eye-catching products at a great price.

While other brands think that using them is too expensive, ANGTI & YANG has invested heavily in the use of high-quality microfiber lining, believing that top quality cannot be compromised – ever.

Liu said that while they never compromise on quality, he strongly believes that handbags, and fashion in general, shouldn’t break the bank. “I believe fashion should be beautiful, luxurious, of extremely high quality in both design and production, but affordable for all, which is the whole ethos of ANGTI & YANG.”

“In fact, we’re so confident in our mission of achieving affordable yet extremely high-quality products, that we guarantee our customers free return or exchange if our bags don’t exceed – not just meet – their expectations,” Liu said.

ANGTI & YANG is dedicated to the everyday style of modern women – every handbag is inspired by minimalistic modelling. They strive to combine functionality with artistic designs, and seek to express a women’s inner strength and romantic desires through a unique set of aesthetics.

ANGTI & YANG bags are made from 100% genuine European and North American leather, with each bag expertly handcrafted to look and feel soft and supple, yet are lightweight.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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