Love Island the Game – Season Two Launches Alongside ITV2 Series

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At its peak, Love Island The Game attracted millions of players while ITV2’s ‘most-watched television show ever’ was broadcast during Summer 2018.

Now for 2019, as the new series of Love Island hots up on ITV2, Love Island The Game has been updated with new stories, content and features to keep players entertained.

Players will be able to access a new wardrobe feature with 70 fashionable looks to customise their personalised avatar characters from head to toe, while there are more story options available linked to the popular elements of the show to keep players engaged.

Another new feature is the increased choice of virtual contestants for ‘coupling up’ – just like in the TV version of Love Island.

So, while last year’s winners smooched for the cameras, players had highs and lows of their own romances in a digital version of the luxurious Love Island villa.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

According to Nathalie Wood of developer Fusebox Games, Love Island The Game smashed expectations with up to two million users playing the game at its peak last year – and the game has attracted a growing group of new regular players: women aged between 30 and 44, showing great potential for future growth among this and younger demographics.

“Love Island The Game allows players to become a virtual islander in a fictional game of the Love Island show.  The game gives players similar choices to those faced by Islanders on the show. The choices made result in different outcomes for the player.”

“The game features close to a million words and dozens of meaningful choices per episode. You choose who you want to ‘couple up’ with and build relationships with, in a fictional villa among a diverse and exciting cast of characters.”

“The game has attracted a wide range of age groups who play along and we have seen an interesting spike among women aged 30 plus. We put this down to having additional female writers on the team, who have helped shape realistic storylines, game play and language.”

Local country versions of the show are now available in 12 other territories around the world and counting – with broadcasters in other countries planning to launch the game alongside their own versions of the hit television format.

Wood added:

“The launch of new content is tied in with the launch of the Love Island TV shows across different territories, with international formats commissioned including the USA, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Australia in 2019.”

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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