The Multi 5-in-1 Scissors That Can Do Everything

Multi 5-IN-1 Scissors from AnySharp perfect for the home, kitchen, office or workshop. From opening bottles, cracking nuts, crushing garlic and even cutting meat on the bone, the AnySharp Multi 5-IN-1 Scissors have you covered and are the only pair of scissors you will ever need.

Incredibly versatile, ergonomic, safe and durable, using a superior tempered steel blades, you can be reassured that your scissors will stay sharper for longer, meanwhile the adjustable tension allows you to keep tightening them up for years to come. Not to mention the curved design which helps to keep your hands further away from what your cutting. The soft touch handles provide a super comfy grip wherever your hand applies pressure, perfect over extended periods of time whether you’re a left or right handed user.

The razor sharp blades can cut through everything from blister packs, credit cards, carpet, tough boxes to even chicken bones. Due to the additional serrations on the blades helps prevent sticking when dealing with tough objects, and allow the scissors to glide through with ease. Not only do the AnySharp Multi 5-IN-1 Scissors provide to user with a precise slice every time, they also have a number of other fantastic features built in for help round the house, including cracking nuts, crushing garlic, opening bottles and stripping wires.

The AnySharp Multi 5-IN-1 Scissors are available to buy online from Amazon.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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