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Land by Martin Adams: Brilliant Ideas for the 21st Century

Building a prosperous 21st century for each and every person worldwide is a lot easier than it sounds, as visionary economist Martin Adams demonstrates in his groundbreaking book LAND from North Atlantic Press.

This is must reading for all economists, politicians, students, and anyone who cares about the future. Meticulously explained point by point, this book details the root causes of inequality in our current system and shows how we can smoothly transition into a more fair, thriving economy with one simple tweak of our current economy.

LAND is remarkably accessible to the lay reader who knows nothing about economics.

While others imagine a dark future and are even entertained by it–witness the popularity of the Purge films, which condescendingly opened this 4th of July!–Martin Adams shows that it’s actually much easier to arrange our world in a way that works for all, if only we will allow ourselves to imagine it.

See his articles here.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank