Business Worlds: An Introduction To ExpertSure With Ollie Smith

These days, the world of business is more volatile and opportunistic than ever; with so much more accessibility, the competitiveness needed from companies all around the globe is higher than ever. However, from this can come some seriously good opportunities for aspiring business people.

ExpertSure is a startup company following that exact route. Sensing his opportunity and trusting in his own business acumen, CEO Ollie Smith now runs one of the best sites for people looking to ‘compare and save’ on pricings for hundreds of products.

We spoke to Ollie for his opinion on some of the biggest issues surrounding the world of business.

You can find Ollie and his team here:

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#1 The World Of Entrepreneurship


At what point did you feel a pull towards the world of being an entrepreneur? Was there a certain individual or event that really shook something up with you?

Ollie: Sure was, the event was getting a ‘real’ job for the first time. Complete with crazy boss, heartless product and dead environment. I knew in my bones I couldn’t stay doing this sort of thing for anywhere near the rest of my life, so approached the princes trust for a grant at 19 and everything went from there.

#2 Opportunities For Younger Generations?

What do you make of the world of business opportunities for younger people? Is it getting harder for younger people to find themselves getting on a career ladder?

Ollie: In a way yes, but I also see the future of work being more remote and entrepreneurial. It easier to launch a micro business than it ever has been in the history of the planet, and more and more people are taking that opportunity and running with it instead of getting on the ladder. However, I still feel there is plenty of opportunity for those with the correct skill sets. 

#3 ‘The ExpertSure Draw’

What drew you towards ExpertSure initially?

Ollie: I was always looking for independence, a model that would scale and a product that was win/win/win so online comparison ticked all the boxes. The customer wins as it saves them time sourcing quotes, the suppliers save on marketing costs so can offer lower price deals, and we get a sustainable company. I was always far better at marketing in my previous business than sales or product as well which made ExpertSure a great business for my skills.

#4 Mistakes And Learning Curves

Biggest mistake you've ever made in your working life?

Ollie: Choosing the wrong partners in one of my last business. I went against my instincts because it seemed like a faster route to market but having the wrong team at the top with differing motivations is a death blow. It cost us all 5 years. I still leaned a whole lot, and am much more rounded as a result so not a total waste, but financially a disaster. 

#5 The Future

Finally, what would you like the future to hold for yourself and ExpertSure?

Ollie: I’d love to keep hiring spectacular talent, and growing our in-house capability so we can continue expansion and keep doing what I love doing!

Read more on Ollie, his story and ExpertSure here:

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Written by James Metcalfe

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