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Mobilise Your Finances With Pathways To Profits


From the optimisation of a massive multi-million churning company, to the impulsive buying of that chocolate bar in your local corner shop, the world of finance is a vast and complex land that most of us spend a lifetime trying to really gets to grips with. It pays to get ahead in this world; finding new and crafty ways of making your money stretch that little bit further will help you really understand the inner workings of this world and is invaluable in getting you to the top.

And in talking about finding the best route to the top, we find ourselves with Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth’s book ‘Pathways to Profits’ – the absolute essential piece for getting to grips with the workings of all things finance, regardless of your prior know-how.


While it might be the absolute focal point of every single person’s life, explaining and making sense of the world of finance is still very much treated like you are addressing a sector worker in one of the major economic hubs across the world. All of the complex jargon, skipping over vital explanations and an apparent inability to relate to anything close to everyday life can lead to these publications coming across as needlessly complicated and, often, just darn right frustrating.

Thankfully, ‘Pathways to Profits’ makes a point of specialising in making this an easy to follow and more than relatable piece. Ken Wentworth has really succeeded in bringing together a piece that delivers all of the must know pointers, but makes a point of showcasing them in a relatable way i.e. placing them in scenarios that we have all experienced.

One of my favourite examples of this came in his explanation of the world of upselling and the effects it can have on a business’ finances. By specifically using the example of a team member at an establishment such as McDonald’s asking if you ‘would like fries with that?’, Wentworth is finding a situation that we can use to help really get to grips with not only the definitions themselves, but their profound effects on our finances.


Examples like this are found right throughout the book and help remove that ‘hard hitting teacher’ vibe that alienates so many fellow pieces. Instead, Wentworth is so successful in creating this piece that honestly feels more like a helping hand in giving you the tools to get yourself forward in this world.


Make no mistake here though, this isn’t a piece that skips out on the substance. Split up into two parts, the piece focuses attention on the two fundamentals of increasing wealth: ‘financial excellence’ and ‘operational excellence’. With the first part of the book covering everything from growing revenue to the top of the ‘pay pile’, and the second part’s focus falling under everything from risk assessments to hiring better faster, you have the perfect marriage of sections that give you the most complete and optimised overview of where it is your profits are going, and where it is they stand the most chance of being taken to the next level.


From boardroom to the comfort of your own home, ‘Pathways to Profits’ has proven to be one of the most revolutionary instrumental tools available to you in terms of helping you gain a far more complete and comprehensive understanding for the world of finances.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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