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6 Great Gift Suggestions For Those Leaving Home

Moving out for the first time is one of the most tear-jerking and momentous occasions in someone’s life, particularly for the parents or guardians who are waving goodbye. A great way of knowing that you’re still a part of your loved ones life, there’s no end to how much good that perfect gift can do.

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#1 Gerrard Larriett Air Conditioner Cover

As a New Yorker, my window air conditioner unit is a useless, drafty eyesore for more than half the year. One day I conceived the idea of not only insulating my apartment for the winter but also dressing up this focal point. Our whimsical collection of premium quilted, thermal double insulated air conditioner covers for window units are designed to do just the same for your home!

Now you can reclaim your window in colder months and express yourself with one of our seasonal or fashion designs-- perfect for someone leaving home for the first time!

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#2 Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are one of the latest trends in alleviating stress, and they're the perfect gift for someone leaving home for the first time. Not only is a weighted blanket therapeutic during a long, stressful journey (plane, train, car, etc), but its implementation of deep-touch therapy can calm nerves associated with homesickness.

An article was published last week on the SensaCalm blog which quoted Ali Venosa at Medical Daily, Clinical studies suggest that when certain pressure points on the body are stimulated by touch, the brain releases serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating various brain functions, including sleep and mood.”

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#3 Spice Madam

For $20 a month, customers will receive a culinary adventure subscription box filled with spices, recipes and a Spotify music playlist from a different destination every month, as well as fun facts and travel tips from the destination country.

Each box comes with a menu plan and a shopping list to help with planning. This helps busy customers save time on trying out cuisines from other countries, searching for the spices, looking up recipes & finding a way to tie it all together.

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#4 Wonder Hanger (Space Saving Hangers)

Where you’re moving, I can guarantee you’ll have less closet space than what you’re used to. EIther because you moved to a smaller place or because you’re sharing your space. These hangers can free up three times more closet space than you started with. Each hanger can hold 30 pounds each. It will make downsizing much easier.

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#5 Tile Mate Key Finder

Never lose your important things again. When you move out of the nest, you’re most likely going to be a little all over the place. If you don’t have your parents to remind you to take your phone and your keys, you’re bound to misplace them. With this Bluetooth tracker, you don’t need to be nervous about losing anything again. The trackers can attach to any item and all you need is the app to find them, whether it be on your phone or tablet.

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#6 Homesick Candles

Leaving home can certainly leave you homesick and that's precisely why these candles make such a difference. These candles work by targeting the sense of smell and its role in memory to give your special someone a taste of home even when they're away. Take your pick from a wide selection of states, cities, countries, or holidays to find the perfect scent for your loved on leaving home.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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