7 Great Reasons Why You Need To Move Shopping Online

Online shopping is one of the latest revelations to hit the technological world as of late, with its convienient and easy nature coupling with an increase in variety and even, at times, better ranges in pricing. But is it really a far better substitute from the more traditional means of shopping? We spoke to several experts below to see if it really stacks up that much better for them.

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#1 Upselling

Moreover, online shops usually have up-selling options like This item is usually bought with which is handy. For example, if you're looking to buy an aroma diffuser, you will also need essential oils, these products just should be bought together, so a good online store will recommend this option. This is not always the case in standard brick-and-mortar stores.

Contributor: Kristina Azarenko from MarketingSyrup

#2 Online Reviews

One of the best things about online shopping is the ability to see reviews from other customers! And if there are also photos in these reviews, it's even better. Decision-making is a complicated process, especially if you have many options to choose from, so recommendations from real clients help a lot.

Contributor: Kristina Azarenko from hmarketing syrup

#3 Pricing

Online shops have fewer expenses and decreased costs in comparison with traditional brick and mortar shops. Starting from the rent of the showroom, to the salaries of auxiliary personnel, it all adds to the price tag of the product.

Contributor: Boris Goncearenco, Marketing and PR Officer at NY Furniture Outlets

#4 Service Quality

Commerce is a highly competitive segment. That’s why each online shop is striving to offer something special, other shops don’t provide. Additional perks like free gifts or complementary services give the customer additional perks, never achievable in conventional brick and mortar shops.

Contributor: Boris Goncearenco, Marketing and PR Officer at NY Furniture Outlets

#5 Stops Impulse Buying

I don't have to worry about the kids crying for a popular item they see in the line, or me getting distracted by a tasty dessert I saw because I was hungry when I went to the store. When I shop online, I (generally) only buy what I was looking for, to begin with.

Contributor: Crystal Bowe, MD, MPH

#6 Automated Nature

I think the best part of online shopping is that I can automate it with programs like Amazon Subscribe and Save, and have the items I need the most shipped to my house regularly without even having to think about it. I have toilet paper, dog food, paper towels, delivered monthly. No in person shopping can compare to that! 

Contributor: Crystal Bowe, MD, MPH 

#7 Niche Items

Online shopping is best when you are looking for a niche or hard to find a product, like a movie poster. It used to be that people had to go to a specialty shop in the center of town or subscribe to an obscure publication or just pass by in front of a movie theater when movie posters were being thrown out, in order to get a movie poster. Now with the Internet, you can type a word or a phrase in a search engine and find the exact movie poster you are looking for.

Contributor: Ilena Di Toro from Just Movie Posters

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Written by James Metcalfe

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