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7 Wonderful Cultural Capitals Of The World

The world is full of awe-inspiring wonder just waiting to be seen. Each and every culture out there has their own identities and ways of living that, when blended around with other cultures and peoples, make some of the best hubs for visitors anywhere in the globe. Below are just seven of some of the leading places in the world right now for culture and splendour, as hand-picked by various leading experts.

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#1 Santa Fe

In the U.S. I would nominate Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our unique combination of Spanish, Native American, Anglo and Mexican immigrants in addition to the sheer number of art galleries, museums and cultural organizations creates a cultural Mecca.

The world’s largest and most prestigious Native American art organization and art market Santa Fe Indian Market has been in Santa Fe since 1922. The International Folk Art Market and Folk Art Museum are treasures that attract international audiences each and every year.

Contributor: Audrey Nadia from the metta agency

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  1. Always Santa Fe!

  2. My heart and soul will always be in Santa Fe. For me it is the vortex for peace and beauty. Unlike any place in the United States. A Cultural capital of the world.

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#2 New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, nicknamed the “Big Easy” for having embraced struggling jazz and blues musicians in the early twentieth century, celebrated its 300th Anniversary this year and was selected as the top destination to visit in 2018 by The New York Times. The melting pot city celebrates its rich history of French and American culture through its diverse architecture, unique museums, extraordinary cuisine, vibrant music scene and nightlife, and more.

Contributor: Andrea Gaggioni from mmgyglobal

#3 London

The city is famous for its world-class museums, including the British Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. London's art galleries are second to none with outstanding collections in the National Gallery and Tate Modern. The Classical Music scene thrives, with legendary orchestras like the London Symphony and Royal Philharmonic bringing in world-class performers, which play in beautiful venues like the Royal Opera House and Royal Albert Hall. And almost every week sees another legendary pop music artists give a sell-out concert at the O2 Centre, along with emerging artists performing in the bars and nightclubs in London's East End.

The city leads the way in food culture, with outstanding Michelin Star restaurants, and its famous for its incredible beers, ales and cocktails.

Contributor: Freddie Julius from touristengland

#4 San Antonio

Although I’m biased, San Antonio, TX is one of the greatest cultural capitals in the world.

Here we have a rich mix of Hispanic, Mexican, German, Middle East and Far East cultures. There’s no set “ethnic” district here. People from the various cultures are all mixed in together. Throughout the year we have multiple cultural events. Most of them are hosted by the Institute of Texan Culture.

Check them the Texas Folklife Festival and the Asian Festival for further proof.

Contributor: Kyle Weckerly from bundle your internet

#5 George Town

George Town is the undisputed #1 cultural capital of the world because of its authentic multiculturalism. The indigenous Malay, Chinese and Indians form what is known as a cultural triangle. It is a legacy of British colonialism in Malaya. However, this is true diversity and each culture adheres to their own cultural attributes and religion. This results in the world's best cultural festivals such as Thaipusam, Chinese Spring Festival, Pai Ti Kong, Wesak Day and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Contributor: Edwin Morgan from globaltravelpress

#6 Kiev

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. One of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, founded officially at 482 AD. The seventh most expensive city in Europe. 248 churches, 49 of them are landmarks. The oldest church which is functioning till today was founded in 1139. 25 monasteries and nunneries, the oldest still functioning built in the 11th century. Festivals: Kyiv Day, Rock and Sich, Dream country (in summer, during solstice), Trypillian ring, Old cars fest, Kyiv fire fest and more.

Contributor: Natalya Alatyreva from Good Reads 

#7 Porto

Porto is Portugal's cultural capital, with an amazing riverfront full of stores, eateries, and nightlife. Its rich monuments, nearby seaside towns, and Port wine houses make it a wonderful place to explore. Between the city museums, the shopping, and the sights, it will be a week of exciting new experiences.

In Porto, the Serralves Foundation and Museum helped spur the city’s transformation from a fine wine-producing city to a center of contemporary art and architecture. Numerous galleries now populate the Rua Miguel Bombarda in the city center. In the hot neighborhood, where the Douro River flows into the Atlantic, the Foz do Douro area is rapidly becoming a fashion and design Mecca. The main restaurants and discos along the city’s riverfront are designed by young Portuguese architects.

Contributor: Jayme Henriques Simões, President at LKarno

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Written by James Metcalfe