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Days Off: 6 Great Ways Of Enjoying Your Time Off

For some, it can be hard deciding what exactly a day off is and what they should do when they roll around each and every week. It can be hard totally switching off from the working world and the energies the week brings, however relaxation and respite is vital in ensuring you don’t become totally worn down going forward. Below are six great ways, chosen by experts in well-being and recreation, of making the most of your days off.

#1 Unplug Yourself


Keep phone and computer use to a minimum. We all know reading that one work email might turn into an hour or more. For busy people, putting their phones away for good during time off might cause more stress. If you do plan to use your phone or computer during time off, make sure you schedule exactly when you’ll be doing this and set a time limit to ensure that you use your time wisely.

Contributor: Jenny Dempsey from

    #2 Going For A Walk

    There's nothing I'd rather do than hike and explore the mountain trails near my home. It's a great way to get a dose of fresh air, stay fit and revive my mind and spirit. Plus, it's something our whole family can enjoy.

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    #6 ‘You Time’

    Your time off may include errands for yourself and the family. By scheduling time for something just for you - whether that is taking a bubble bath, going for a long walk or run, wandering around a bookstore, eating lunch at your favorite restaurant - no matter how big or small, make sure to weave in time for something that you enjoy doing.

    Contributor: Jenny Dempsey from

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