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Rediscover Family: 6 Ways To Get Along With Your Parents

Family life isn’t always a bed of roses for everyone and sometimes relationships with one’s parents can be a tricky thing to conquer. However, these 6 expert tips for improving your relationship with your parents will guarantee a more healthy and enjoyable experience for both you and your folks.

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#1 Generational Stories

Stories connect people no matter the age, and the best stories are those where your OWN family members are the protagonist! We have seen first hand, how sharing stories between generations can help children and parents to better understand each other, build pride and inspire, be extremely fun, therapeutic, rewarding, transformative, and often heal old wounds.

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#2 Heirlooms

Pair Family Stories with art and memorabilia to create Tangible Memories in the form of Books, Films, and Digital Family Heirlooms. These Time Capsules and Personal Museums will be treasured by all generations, past, present, and future.

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#4 Set Your Limits

As an adult, it is important to make your own choices and decisions. If you need to, set limits with your parents. Let them know that you need to decide certain things for yourself. Even if you are wrong, you need to make the choice and learn from it.

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#5 Take Responsibility

In the past, it was your mom and dad's responsibility to take care of you. However, as an adult, that responsibility is now yours. So, avoid asking your parents to clean your house, do your laundry, watch your kids or give you money. While it is okay for mom and dad to provide support at times, you must learn to stand on your own.

Contributor: Emily Mendez, M.S. EdS from


#6 Keep In Touch

Visit with them (or call, if geographically far apart) and spend time conversating. Let them know what you have going on in your life and, if pertinent, in the lives of your kids.

Invite them to various events ... birthdays, school plays, backyard picnic, graduations, etc. It helps them feel wanted and included. Send/give them pictures of you and your family. Parents love to see you and your family and may brag about you when you're not around.

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