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Take Control: 8 Valuable Tips For Dealing With Being Under Pressure

Pressurised situations can be a massive obstacle for even the most capable of people. Breaking out of a pressurised mindset can prove to be a long and arduous task, however these expert-picked tips provide you with all the tools needed to conquer your pressure and optimise your performance to the highest levels, regardless of the situation.

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#1 ‘The Elephant’s Feet’ Technique

When you feel judged, the body responds by increasing adrenaline and cortisol levels. Thus, you feel on edge or jacked up. Remember the way the universe works is what goes up must come down. The more grounded you are, the less uptight you will become.

Simple trick:… make believe you have elephant feet: –thick, strong heavy and wide feet that are deeply connected to the ground. When you walk with 'elephant feet' it will naturally slow you down and relax you.

Contributor: Aimee Bernstein, author of 'Stress Less, Achieve More' from

#2 Perspective Reminders

When handling pressure, sometimes people can get nervous or anxious. It can help to remember that the physiological symptoms of nervousness and anxiety (rapid breathing, sweaty palms, focus on the task, etc) can also be the same symptoms as excitement or intense preparation. Your body is preparing you to meet the challenge.

Contributor: Lisa Sansom from

#3 Employ Gratitude Processes

As a gratitude guru, I recommend a simple gratitude process to handle the pressure in any situation. First, step outside. Even if it's the dead of winter, grab your coat and get out in the fresh air. Next, take several deep breaths to reset your nervous system. When we breathe deeply (from our bellies), we reset our 'fight or flight' system to our 'calm and relax' system.

This process only takes a few moments, however, it allows us to think more clearly and get grounded in the present. When we are grounded in the present, it's easier to look more objectively at any high-pressure situation.

Contributor: Julie Boyer from

#6 Remain Present

In a high-intensity work situation or crisis, you often need to react quickly and cannot waste time thinking too far in the future. The best way to move forward is to think about the situation in the present – what can I do at this moment to help the situation? What immediate next steps can I take? I personally immediately tackle the first task and then move onto the next without thinking about it. 

Contributor: Shyna Deepak

#7 Have Faith In Yourself

My main strategy for dealing with [high-pressure situations] is that I do not view them as high-pressure situations. While I may be in a heightened state of arousal and focus, I am actually relaxed. I prepare diligently and have great faith in that preparation and in my ability. I believe that if not me, who else is better suited to do what needs to be done and then I go and do it.

Contributor: Robert S. Herbst from

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