Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Just Fab! – Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine By Gail Honeyman

This book was a delightful, yet thought-provoking look, at the effect of loneliness on an individual and the hidden consequences for society.

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The story centers around Eleanor, who though on the surface leads a normal life, is harboring a devastating secret – she is alone and lonely.

The authors’ brilliant depiction of Eleanor’s life, through first-person narration and at times witty dialogue underpins the fact that it is quite possible to be ‘functional’ in society and yet not be part of it. Without giving the plot away, the story centers around the protagonist’s life, as it is shaken up by a series of unexpected events that make her question what she has thus far, considered normal.

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This book not only deals with the issues of loneliness, mental illness and indeed trauma in a touching but realistic way but also shows the courage and resilience employed by individuals such as Eleanor, who find themselves in situations which are not of their making.

Other characters within the story are used to reveal Eleanor’s backstory piece by piece as the book progresses – her Mother, a work colleague, Raymond and the reader is given small, but tantalizing insights into her past, through her interactions with others within the story.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a great read. The author’s use of characterization, realistic dialogue and an unflinching depiction of the subject matter, makes it one of the most interesting things I have read recently. Definitely, a thumbs up from me!

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