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9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For a Retired Dad 2019

Show your appreciation for the elder of the house.

Fathers, heads of the family and 50% of the equation of why we are here. During childhood you might have seen them as your own personal superhero, tireless and dedicated. But good old’ pa is also human, and with age it gets to point where you gotta realize that life is a young man’s game now.

Retirement might be a touchy subject for some, when you’ve been decades providing for other sitting down permanently might not be an easy transition. Make sure to keep the retiree happy we these gifts.

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#1 The Scrubba Tactical Wash Bag

Designed in consultation with a former Australian SAS team leader, the Scrubba Tactical Wash and Dry Kit has everything you need to wash and dry your clothes in the field. Similar to the standard Scrubba wash bag, the tactical wash bag features a flexible internal washboard that allows a machine quality wash in just minutes and folds to pocket-size for storage. The tactical wash bag is unique with its extra large purge valve and coyote brown coloring that make it perfect for any adventure.

Contributor: David Shekleton from The Scrubba

#2 The Scrubba Tactical Wash Kit

Featuring a matching Tactical towel, a heavy duty pegless clothes line, and tactical inflatable hangers, the wash kit packs in everything he'll need to get lost.

Contributor: David Shekleton from The Scrubba

#3 Leafy Drops Wellness Body Butter

A good gift for retired dads are hemp based products. We all get some sort of anxiety, or pain, especially when we reach that time of retirement. All those years of hard working. Hemp based products are anti inflammatory and have therapeutic benefits. Things like aiding with sleep, managing pain, helping with arthritis, helps with appetite. 

Contributor: Ronal Morillas from Leafy Drops LLC

#4 Federal Blue Watch With A Sunray Dial By Diefendorff

The watches are born in Brooklyn, assembled in the US and powered by a Swiss movement. Each piece features striking dials in colors like federal blue and forest green, and beautiful leather straps made with traditional vegetable dye instead of harsh chemicals. The collection breaks the mold of traditional dress watches by adding in an extra element of style, meticulous craftsmanship and historical significance.

Contributor: Chelsea from Diefendorff Watches

#6 On This Date In Music by Michael Walter

On This Date In Music is a book with a daily story about a significant event that happened in the world of music on each date. Stories range from Edison patenting the phonograph in the late 1800’s to Pharrell Williams’ incredible ten week run at #1 in 2014 with his uplifting song “Happy.”

Each story is told in approximately 800 words aimed at being concise and interesting. This is the perfect compendium for any music lover and can be used as a reference book or for a daily dose of compelling tales of tunes we all love and bands we all follow. 

Contributor: Mike Walter from Elite Entertainment

#7 Back-Saving Tool Handle Shovel

Back Saving add on handle fits on any stick tool takes the strain out of a variety of tasks, from shoveling snow, raking leaves, turning over a bed, sawing a branch. Perfect for spades, rakes-hoes-pitchforks Enables the user to take a firm grip without having to make excessive stretching movements. 

Product Features:

  • Reduces stress, fatigue and back pain 
  • Improves posture, grip and safety 
  • Attaches with Allen key (supplied) 

Contributor: Jay Cotler from Upside Marketing Inc.

#9 Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera

Many retired dads like to travel and explore places they've been wanting to go for years. A Wyze Cam Pan home security camera is a great gift because it allows dad to keep an eye on his house or condo while he's away, so he can focus on more important things like relaxing and enjoying his trip. Plus it's more affordable than similar cameras like Nest, but still has modern, easy-to-use features like voice control with alexa, 360° pan and scan, motion detection and free rolling cloud storage.

Contributor: Rebecca Edwards from Safewise 

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Written by Ben Skute