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15 Best Valentine Gift Ideas That Will Delight Your Hubby In 2019

You’ve had your fair share of highs and lows in your marriage. But on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the warm memories and celebrating the long list of things you love about your significant other. Express your heartfelt adulation with the best valentine’s gift for your hubby.

The conjugal bond you share with your better half has been tested far too many times over the years. And you’re still going strong. February 14 is a perfect day to celebrate how far along you’ve come and appreciate your stellar hubby who has enthusiastically shared the ride.

Making creative romantic plans and exchanging sweet nothings with your partner are both amazing. However, you’re going to have to cap it off with a splendid gift that will make him grin from ear to ear. That may sound like quite a feat to pull off, but we’ve done the donkeywork on your behalf.

All you have to do now is scroll through the list below to identify the perfect present that’s an ideal match for his interests and/or lifestyle.

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#1 Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser

For the beer lover, the Fizzics Draftpour makes the perfect gift. Make canned and bottled beer into draft with the DraftPour, the personal and portable beer tap. It uses patented sonic technology to give beer a nitro-like pour but without the hassle of gas cartridges. Running off just two AA batteries (it can also be plugged in), the DraftPour converts natural carbonation into dense, compact micro-bubbles that improve the flavor, aroma and mouth-feel of any type of beer -- IPAs, lagers, stouts, ales or Pilsners -- and creates a rich, creamy head. 

Contributor: Martin Stein from Fizzics

#2 Supercar Revolution: The Fastest Cars of All Time

Because so many men love cars, specifically, the fastest and greatest sports cars ever made, the new book SUPERCAR REVOLUTION: THE FASTEST CARS OF ALL TIME. 

All the cars sports car-loving guys have lusted for are here: the Lamborghinis, Porsche 911, Ferraris, Corvettes and so many more.

Contributor: Steve Roth from The Quarto Group

#3 Portable Canister of Clean & Pure Oxygen Supplement

Is your hubby an adrenaline junkie! Keep your man well oxygenated this Valentine's Day with Boost Oxygen; 95% pure, Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen, in a portable, easy to use handheld canister. Safe for all ages, it is used for sports performance, recovery and results, altitude acclimation, mental refreshment, general health and wellness support, as a hangover remedy, migraine & cluster headaches and for dealing with poor air quality (ozone, heat, humidity, pollen). 

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecsPR 

#4 SuperStraps Protect and Relieve your Back and Neck

SuperStraps is a first of its kind minimalist gadget that sits behind backpack straps ready to activate (in 1 second flat) when travelers start to feel strain on their shoulders, neck and back. The pulley system redistributes the weight in a backpack closer to the spine where it can be carried ergonomically—relieving up to 27 pounds of force on a neck—and it makes backpacks actually feel lighter. 

Contributor: Katherine Krug from Better LLC

#7 BetterBack – #1 Lower Back Support Posture Belt

BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture and get heat/ice pain relief and healing for your lower back throughout the day, whenever you need it. A NASA memory foam pad supports your lower back and two loops go around your knees to stabilize your pelvis while you sit. This allows you to comfortably sit all day with great posture while you work. 

Contributor: Katherine Krug from Better LLC

#12 Sandalwood Beard Oil

Sandalwood has a distinct and masculine scent that's not too strong that's very good for softening and taming beards. While he might not be willing to buy nice things for himself to truly pamper his beard because he's focused on other things, he will be glad he has a nice quality beard oil when he has increased confidence and comfort throughout the day.

Contributor: Kristopher Kalish from Penny Parrot

#14 Beef Jerky Variety Pack

This grass-fed beef jerky is a fantastic gift for your meat-loving husband. A healthy alternative to other beef Jerky available on the market. This fantastic product has no artificial preservatives and will make your husband realize the poor quality of his previous beef jerky.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

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Written by Ben Skute