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7 Gift Ideas For Anime Lovers | What To Buy Anime Lovers

Whether you know an anime fan, or you yourself are anime obsessed, here are 9 awesome gift ideas.

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#1 Anime Impact by Chris Stuckmann

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Anime holds a special place in the hearts of countless fans around the globe. Since the early days of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy to Makoto Shinkai's astounding success with Your Name, anime has left an undeniable impact on our culture. 

Anime Impact by YouTube film critic Chris Stuckmann explores the impression the medium has left on various fans with detailed discussions on television shows and movies from the 1960s all the way to the present. Learn how anime has impacted culture from authors, artists, critics, anime enthusiasts, and super fans such as John Rodriguez, Alicia Malone, Emma Fyffe, and many more. 

Each writer has detailed their personal experiences of discovery and how anime has changed their life. Many discuss the implications that some anime shows and movies have on our society. While many books on anime simply offer a list of essential titles and recommendations, Anime Impact goes deeper by showcasing the many voices of anime's biggest fans. 

You'll find many distinct stories that only each specific writer could tell, all painting a fun and surprisingly touching portrait of the true impact of anime over multiple generations.

Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media

#3 Warning May Spontaneously Talk About Anime T-Shirt

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If your friend or family member absolutely loves anime and can’t stop talking about it, this is the t-shirt to get for them! It’s a subtle way for someone you know to warn people they’re obsessed with anime and could geek out at any moment. This shirt is available in men, women, and youth sizes, along with multiple colors to choose from. 

Contributor: Holly Zink from Digital Addicts

#6 Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphic Tablet

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A pen and touch tablet that serves as a natural, customizable tool for digital creation and smart alternative to the mouse. And because you already know how to draw with a pen and paper, working with the Intuos is simple and natural. 

You can even unveil your comic and manga heroes with the Intuos because it comes with free downloadable creative software and online training like Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio(r) Debut 10

So whether your dream is to publish your work online, earn props from an anime legend, or break into the manga industry, Intuos has everything you need to bring your story to life. To top it off, the Intuos' limited-edition pistachio green color is just perfect for the holiday season! 

Contributor: Sophie Lair from Edelman 

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Written by Ben Skute