5 Reasons You Should Hire A Private Tutor

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Private tutoring can really benefit your child, but many times parents do not think about the true advantages of this type of service. Hiring a private tutor is not a small decision, it requires a commitment, sometimes quite a lot of money and a committed child.

Here are some of the reasons you should hire a private tutor.

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#1 Work at your own pace

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One-to-one tutoring allows students to work at their own pace and focus on specific areas of improvement, which typically is not possible in a larger classroom setting. There is never a risk of falling behind or wasting time on information you already understand when working with a private tutor. All of your time together is specifically tailored to your needs.

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#2 Hone your test-taking skills

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While classroom-based instruction focuses on growing your knowledge base, private tutoring additionally enables students to better develop test-taking skills. Most likely, your tutor has a lot of experience with the subject matter and exams surrounding your focus area and can bring both expertise and empathy to your studies, all while helping you learn tips and tricks for test day success.

Contributors: Amy Kemp from Med School Tutors

#4 Track To Success

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Private Coaching and mentorship increases of success not only by increasing your specific skill set and knowledge base, but also in overall confidence, strategy to success and also act as a sounding board to get resonance for your ideas or path. They can help you stay on track and evaluate opportunities as they arise for you. If you invest in private mentorship, you will always feel supported as you move forward in your career or day to day studies.

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#5 Personalized Learning: A Systematic Approach to Private Tutoring

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The benefits of private tutoring are immense.  While a classic tutoring approach can sharpen a student’s understanding by reviewing homework and current classwork, a private tutor who offers a comprehensive personalized learning system can help a student to consistently attain better grades, enhanced subject proficiency, and much more efficient learning.

The process begins when the tutor seeks to identify the specific academic and studying skills that a student is missing.  Once these skills are corrected, students can begin to accelerate their learning.

With the tutor’s individualized, data-based learning system in place, student confidence rises as they get instant feedback on their progress. The resulting data then guides the tutor’s lesson plan with customized independent practice and mastery exercises. As they follow this tutoring approach, students are quickly able to get up to speed and then tackle more challenging work.

Throughout their interactions together, students are supported by their tutors’ encouragement, experience, and guidance.  Tutors are also able to track student progress, which allows the learning system to update the teaching plan, provide the next skill to be mastered, and continue to build student comprehension, academic capabilities, and self-esteem.

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