Things You Need To Know About Dating In Your 40’s (For Men)

If your on this page looking for tips on how to get hookups, you’re in the wrong area. The days of trying to seduce a girl in a club/bar are long gone by the time you hit 40 and most men in their 40’s are looking to settle down. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you in your pursuit.


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#1 The Dating World Is A Drug

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Non-stop dates with various women along with frequent physical contact can create false expectations for long-term relationships. Keep this in mind while dating so you're not disillusioned when you transition into a long-term committed relationship.

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#2 Make A Plan On The 1st Phone Call

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Most women prefer to be called rather than texted, but they will put up with it at least in the beginning. Call a woman and have a plan and a date rather than suggest that you will figure it out later. If you can't use modern technology properly (You can text but not use Siri to find restaurants?) then you are likely to lose a woman at hello.

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#8 If You Have An Ex, Don’t Bad Mouth Her

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Don't talk about her at all. When she wants to know about your ex, she will ask. She may form an opinion about you by how you answer. Blaming your ex may make you look like you have not learned from your experience and that you are not ready for a new relationship. When she asks about the ex, be prepared to share what you learned from your mistakes and how it has made you a better partner.

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Written by Ben Skute

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  1. There’s a massive assumption here that men are getting date. Statistically, only the top 20% of men are dating—multiple women—and 80% of women are dating multiple high-value men. Very few men over 40 actually get to the stages you’re listing here.

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