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18 Awesome Reasons You Should Visit Singapore

So you’re thinking of visiting Singapore? Here are 18 reasons why saying yes to any and every offer to go to Singapore is the right thing to do. These reasons are suggested and written by both locals and tourists

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#1 Gardens by the Bay

Singapore's tropical climate creates a fertile environment for lush foliage and exotic fauna. The Gardens by the Bay pull together indigenous plants from the local jungles, mountains, and island environs in a beautifully manicured park. This complex has several unique attractions. The supertree grove and biodomes are the most recognizable and iconic landmarks distinguishing the Gardens as world-class feats of engineering. The world's largest greenhouse showcases exotic plants from all 5 continents, unusual plants, and thousand-year-old olive trees.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

#2 Glitzy Orchard Road

Singapore is uniformly recognized as a global center of commerce, fashion, and style. And Orchard Road is well established as Singapore's premier shopping area. The history of shopping here dates back to 1934 and has grown from humble beginnings to the immense shopping and entertainment center that it is today.

Orchard Road is 2.2 kilometers of neon lights, dramatic storefronts, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and nightclubs. You won't have any trouble finding whatever your heart desires here as stores vary from fast food outlets to bespoke clothiers and everything in between. There is also an extensive underground infrastructure, including subterranean pedestrian walkways and additional shopping running underneath the street.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

#3 The Southern Ridges

Explorers who want to get away from – and high above – the city and a whole lot closer to nature, the Southern Ridges is a great place to check out. As a bonus, you will also get one of the best panoramic views of the city, harbor, and the Southern Islands.

10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of winding, interconnected trails well-manicured trails take you through a dense forest canopy, wildlife habitat all within the confines of the city limits. Many of the walkways are elevated paths and bridges as high as 36 meters (118 feet) above the ground. There really is nothing else like the Southern Ridges gardens and park anywhere.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

#4 Sentosa beaches

Southeast Asia's beaches are revered around the world, Singapore just happens to have three of them to choose from all within a short distance of downtown. All three are manmade, sandy beaches with lagoons and gentle waves and offer a relaxing respite from the city.

Siloso is a busy beach for play. The majority of coastal restaurants and attractions are located here. The northern side of Palawan beach is equipped with playgrounds and parks, plus a handful of restaurants, beach clubs, and convenience stores. The calm, turquoise lagoons are ideal for swimming. Tanjong is the last and most remote of the beaches. The golden, crescent beach has fewer views of the cargo boats than the others. While there are shady palm trees, thatched shelters, and public restrooms here, the only source of food and beverage is available from the Tanjong BeachClub.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

#5 Night Safari

Southeast Asia is home to all kinds of exotic wildlife, it can be difficult to see some of it though because some of the most interesting animals only come out at night. The Night Safari fixes that by only opening after dark. The park features over 900 indigenous animals and over 40% of them are threatened species. A visit to the Night Safari is a journey into the wilderness. Designed around a 40-minute tram ride, visitors are driven through seven geographical regions, from the Himalayan foothills to the jungles of Southeast Asia. Through engaging live commentary by knowledgeable guides, guests get a deeper understanding of the habitats of these nocturnal animals and an appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

#8 Chinese New Year in Singapore

75% of Singaporeans are of Chinese descent, needless to say  Chinese New Year is an important celebration. The Lunar New Year festival features fireworks, parades, feasts, special treats and candies and cultural performances and entertainment. Singapore is special in that although it is a polyglot country, the entire nation comes together to celebrate the traditions of each of the ethnic groups.

Beginning weeks in advance of the Chinese New Year, the streets of Chinatown are lined with beautifully-designed lanterns and string lights. Soak in the festive mood throughout the island with celebrations in the form of colorful processions, festive meals, seasonal markets, and lively dances. The festival spans several weeks from January to March, so be sure to review official schedules for specific events.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

#9 Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

Are you a fan of the adorable white and fashionable cat? Not only will you be served yummy food, but you will also be able to enjoy the adorable café setting and the cutlery! Its cakes and drinks taste exactly as they look: light, fuzzy, and sweet. The official color of the Hello Kitty Café is a lovely cloudy pink, making Instagram pics super kawaii!

Contributors: Youmn Mahzoul from

#10 Geylang

This is one of Singapore's red light districts. There are several official red light zones and a few places where there might be so much prostitution in a set of bars or nightclubs that it may as well be. However, Geylang has the distinction of being a great place to find delicious foods. Recommend going in late afternoon or early evening, having a short stroll, and enjoying some incredible food. Then leaving. Do not get caught up in the other entertainment, there is nothing to find there but tears.

Contributors: Shylar Bredewold from Odyssean Travel

#11 BBQ Stingray

Sambal style, BBQ stingray might come on a banana leaf and smothered in delicious, spicy pastes. It is incredibly tasty and arguably a bit more practical, not to mention authentic, when compared to the frog or turtle dishes that seem to have risen in popularity, likely owing to tourism.

Contributors: Shylar Bredewold from Odyssean Travel

#12 Durian

Perhaps a little harder to find than in other regions of Southeast Asia as hotels are rather against having guests bring the fruit or its meat onto a given premises. If you haven't tried it in another country or don't have plans to visit another country in the region, why not give it a try! Arguably an acquired taste, try filming your travel companion's face so you don't miss out on the moment - one of you will enjoy this fruit, no matter what.

Contributors: Shylar Bredewold from Odyssean Travel

#14 New culinary + beverage talent continue to push boundaries

The island-nation's famed dining and nightlife culture is at a cross-roads as new culinary talent and entrepreneurs are set to take the reins. The likes of 32-year old chef Malcolm Lee who earned a Michelin-star at such a tender age for his restaurant, Candlenut, are keeping traditional cuisines such as Peranakan food alive, while chef incubators like Magic Square allow  the next generation of young local chefs to shine in a space mimicking an apartment studio.  Singapore also cemented its reputation as Asia's capital for cocktails with big wins at Asia's 50 Best Bars 2018 (including a nod for Manhattan which won No. 1 spot). Talent like Vijay Mudaliar, Head Bartender of Native are introducing a new sense of social responsibility to educate patrons on a no-waste policy, focusing on locally foraged ingredients and waste reduction.

Contributors: Julia Gordin from Bullfrog & Baum

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