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7 Best High End Cafes In Barcelona You Have To Visit

Barcelona has some of the best high-end cafes in the world. Here are 7 of our favorites (as recommended by Fupping contributors).

#1 Cafe Europa on Diagonal


This is actually new and opened up across the street from me. There's usually alive band a few nights a week. They have beautiful plates and international food as well as Catalan classics and wonderful desserts and coffees. I come here at least once a week for dessert and coffee with a friend. The design is super cool and it's central to shopping.

Contributors: Sophia Ellis from Sophia Ellis Co

    #2 Pinotxo Bar

    Pinotxo Bar is a great little cafe in the middle of the vibrant La Rambla food market. It's got amazing tapas, a really fun environment, and the staff is incredibly friendly too. Plus, the food is prepared right in front of you, which is a pretty cool part of the experience.

    Contributors: Rachel Kwak from letsflycheaper

    #3 Cafe Cosmo

    I stumbled upon this on accident one Sunday with a local friend while trying to go to another cafe. It's a cafe and art gallery in one. The set up is really communal and interesting. It's bright and inviting. The food is delicious and the coffee is great. I've been back several times and even when it's busy, it's a pleasure. Their site is greatas well.

    Contributors: Sophia Ellis from Sophia Ellis Co

    #7 Etapes

    Who knew Barcelona’s finest  restaurants all shut up tight on Sunday nights?  Of course,  you can still find endless places that trade in Tapas for tourists, but  if you want to eat something more than the fantastically-fried patates  bravas, or a jamon sandwich, and wish for a real dinner beautifully  presented and served, your options may be limited. Within those options,  however, one shines brightly in the heart of hotel country: Etapes.

    Contributors: Monte Mathewsfrom ChewingTheFat

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    Written by Ben Skute

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