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Is He Cheating? 6 Telling Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, chances are he is. You should always trust your gut, but if you want to be sure, check if he is doing any of these things…

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#1 He’s Still Close With His Recent Ex

A boyfriend being close with their ex is something to worry about it any relationship. This is a person who he had an emotional and physical relationship with and something like that doesn’t just disappear. If your boyfriend is often texting and hanging outwith their ex, he may be cheating on you.

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#2 Is He Obsessing About How He Looks


Men can sometimes be fashion-blind, if this used to describe your man, but now for some reason doesn’t, he may be cheating. There are certain times to dress well, say a wedding or some other formal occasion. Supposing he wants to get a raise, he may start dressing well to do so. The real reason men dress well is to impress others or give themselves a boost of confidence. If your man seems to be dressing up for no reason, it could be that he’s trying to impress another woman.

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#3 He Suddenly Has Decided To Get In Shape

It’s healthy to exercise, it gives you more energy it makes you look better, but it also might be an opportunity to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Again, why is he beefing up his appearance? If he’s seeking your approval, he’ll probably say so. However, if he seems more self-obsessed it could mean that he’s imagining how someone else might see him. Your man should only want to look good for you, so the question begs: who’s he trying to look good for?

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#4 He Has A Guilty Conscience

Does your man get you presents for no reason? Is he withholding intimacy? Is he overcompensating? If he is he may be feeling guilty for something he did to you, but can’t bring himself to tell you. If his behavior is weirdly over polite, then you should confront him and see how he reacts.

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#5 He Gets Texts Messages Late at Night

Late-night texting could be a sign that he’s trying to conceal his communications with someone from you. Then again, it could be his mom. To get a clue, examine his body language when that next text pings at 1:11 AM.

What facial expression does he make upon reading the message? Does he look happy? Excited? Does he have a smile he can’t wipe off his face? If he’s smiling while texting back – think: does he typically have that smile when he’s texting his friends?

This is the kind of situation your instincts are made for. What is his smile saying? Does it look like the same smile he gave you when you first started dating? His reaction to a late-night text will tell you a lot. If he rolls over in bed and ignores it, it’s probably nothing.

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#6 Their Routine Changes

Look at the changes in routine, for example if your significant other is staying late at the office or taking clients out a lot more than usual, it may be a “pink flag.” That can be a cover for cheating.   Sometimes more business road trips are really covers for romantic getaways for him or her.

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