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7 Tips On Making Friends At University/College For Students

Going to University/College is a challenging experience for everyone, regardless of background. It’s all the more challenging for people who struggle to make friends. Here are 7 tips on making friends while at University.

#1 Be Friendly


You can not expect to make any friends if you walk around with a frown or what some call “a sour look” on your face. You have to carry yourself as if you are a friendly person. To do this you should speak to everyone you pass by.

Contributors: V. Lynn Whitfield from When Lynn Speaks

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    #2 Find People From Your City Or State

    Sometimes you might run across someone who is from the same city as you are or the same state. If so get to know them.

    Contributors: V. Lynn Whitfield from When Lynn Speaks

    #3 Snack Chats

    Everyone wants to make friends in the first few months at college, and everyone needs to eat at the dining hall, but no one wants to eat alone. Grab some chips, salsa, or whatever snacks are available, and sit down next to random people. Don't push your way into someone's private headphone time, but do not be intimidated by scowls either. Almost everyone wants to chat, and it is up to you to make the first move. Invite them to a small pregame in your dorm that weekend, and if you don't gel, try someone new tomorrow

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    Written by Ben Skute

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    1. I like how you suggested to join clubs and groups when starting college. I am planning on attending a university in Canada. Thanks for the tips on why to attend a research facility.

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