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These Are The Five Best Dog Crates On The Market.

Dog Crate

Buying a good dog crate is a must for dog owners; whether you are traveling with your pet, housebreaking it, or simply giving your four-legged friend some time out, owning a good quality kennel comes in very handy.

When shopping for a dog crate, it is important to take into account the design of the cage but also its dimensions since size has a direct impact on the comfort of your friend as well as the convenience of storage.

Crate training is essential for puppies and is one of the most efficient potty training techniques. In fact, even if you have just adopted an adult dog or a relatively older pup, crate training still works wonders for housebreaking your pet.

Additionally, a kennel serves as a safe place to contain your dog and protect it from harm. For example, you might want to use a crate during the initial introduction period between pets.

If you like to travel, a crate provides your animal with a safe environment. Just make sure that if you bring a crate on a plane, it meets airline standards.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the five best dog crates on the market. Whatever your budget is and whether your pooch fits in a teacup or is the size of Marmaduke, one of those kennels is bound to suit your companion’s needs.

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#1 Midwest iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Dog In Dog Crate

This dog crate comes with every smart and practical feature dogs need. For instance, it is a double-door crate, so you can open either door to access your pet.

I really want to highlight some of the amazing specs of this product that I believe are what every crate should include. Fantastic features such as the ultra-safe slide-type of bolt latches, plastic pan that is a breeze to clean, two carrying handles, and the divider panel (great for puppies). No assembly is required for this crate, so that takes the stress out for busy pet owners out there!

#2 Home On-The-Go Dog Crate

Home On-The-Go Dog Crate

This is a well-built, pretty solid crate. The makers of this kennel definitely had your dog’s comfort and safety in mind when they designed this product.

Cleanups are never a problem with this crate, thanks to its extra deep plastic plan which never warps. The pan has rounded corners, and this feature prevents any leaks if your pet makes a mess.

The front door is made of very heavy duty mesh which will keep your pet secure. Speaking of safety, this crate even has three security locks so you can be perfectly sure your pet is not going anywhere while in the crate.

#3 Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal – Wire Cage

Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal - Wire Cage

This versatile cage works amazingly well for all types of pets whether you have a cat, dog or even a rabbit. It has a very sturdy finish so rust or fade will never be a problem here, regardless of the climate. What’s surprising is despite its sturdiness and amazing durability, this kennel is relatively lightweight for easy transportation.

There is a durable slide-out tray included in this crate, and it is made of industry-standard ABS plastic. As with other large crates, this one also has that divider panel, which is just awesome when your dog is still growing.

Last but not least, this crate collapses in a smaller package which makes it very easy to store.

#4 Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

This product is as tough as you want a dog crate to be since it is made of the finest material that can withstand years of abuse and intense climate.

This is the ultimate travel companion for your pet because of the smart seat belt loop included, which allows you to have this crate securely strapped in the car seat. There are also some compartments built into this cool kennel, so you can organize your pet’s toys, treats, and other items.

#5 Midwest Solution Series “Ginormus” Double Door Dog Crate

Midwest Solution Series "Ginormus" Double Door Dog Crate

As the name implies, this crate is specially built for large breeds. No matter how hefty or big your dog is, this crate can handle the job just fine. Its drop-pin construction ensures the safety and comfort of your pet. What’s more, it is made of a corrosion-resistant coating, which keeps the crate looking amazing even after several years!

This double-door crate has two slide-bolt locks to keep your pet well-protected while inside. The plastic pan is durable and easy to keep clean. This is by far the best kennel for our gentle giants since even a big Dane will fit comfortably inside.

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Written by Beatrice