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What Are Good Balloon Colors to Combine

It is a rare case when people use a single color for balloon decorations. Usually, designers who are responsible for the venue décor suggest their clients use at least two colors. A choice of color scheme traditionally depends on the nature of the event. For instance, pearl gold and black have become favorites for official occasions across the globe. But nobody can dissuade you from using this color combination for a marvelous bridal shower or graduation party.  You just have to use your custom balloons for a personal holiday.

How to Mix Balloon Colors Together

You have numerous options when it comes to matching balloon colors for creating versatile decorations. Let’s explore some ideas for mixing two, three, and two colors when making a balloon arch.

A Balloon Arch with Two Colors

Regarding the occasion, you can use a certain combination of two colors for a fabulous balloon arch. Black and orange will suite perfectly Halloween party décor. A mixture of light and dark shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet is a great solution for a spiral balloon arch.

A Balloon Arch with Three Colors

Using three primary or secondary colors may add vibrant hues to the décor spectrum. If you want your each to reflect a sea theme, you should use a watery blues palette. These colors will produce a serene and sophisticated feeling for the place. If you need an arch to decorate your office for the state holiday, a combination of red, white, and blue will reflect the patriotic mood. Red, green, and yellow balloons will be ideal for the Christmas arch. Mixing red, yellow, and orange balloons, you can craft an elegant Thanksgiving arch.

A Balloon Arch with Four Colors

If you plan to throw a winter or space-themed party, silver, blue, dark and light purple balloons will work perfect to ensure a festive atmosphere. In case you need to organize a kids’ birthday party, consider using pink, yellow, orange, and purple balloons when constructing a genuinely fantastic arch in the yard where little guests will play games.

Colors Combination for the Double-Stuffing Balloons

If you want to go beyond the traditional colors chart, you should try creating unique shades by placing a balloon of one color into the balloon of another color. This technique is known as double stuffing. To obtain pastel colors or exceptional toned colors, you can stuff a yellow, pink, purple, or green balloon into the white balloon. Usually, balloons are put into each other before being inflated to their full size. It is important to ensure the white balloon remains un-stretched on the outer side.

Double stuffing enables designers to create custom colors regarding the desires of the clients. Gorgeous pastel colors are often applied to design fabulous balloon flowers, arches, garlands, or centerpieces. To get chalky pastels, stuff vibrant colored balloons into white latex balloons. This will make balloons have a matte look that emphasizes an elegant style of the decorations. Original warmer pastel shades can be formed by stuffing balloons into pink, blush, or ivory silk.

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