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Different Types of Watches Based on Their Function

Watch is the most popular fashion accessory that people have been wearing for a long time. Besides telling you the time, watches are a matter of prestige in today’s world and even serve as a status symbol.

Watches are essential for men since men don’t have many accessories to build their style quotient.

However, when you go out to buy a watch, you will be confused by the number of options available. There are many different types of watches in the market, and every kind of watch serves other purposes. Moreover, watches come in various price ranges; you can even buy cool watches for $20 to $50.

This article will guide you to select a few different types of watches based on their function.

Diver Watch

As the name suggests, these are the kind of watch that can be used if you are indulging in water-related activities. These kinds of watches are usually more water-resistant than other watches, and all branded diver watches can display the maximum dive depth they can function in.

You can also find the official resistance rating on the back of the watch.

Compared to other types, a diver watch is more expensive than others as bulkier materials are used to make them shockproof, magnetic, and water-resistant. High-quality materials are used to make these watches effective in extreme water pressure.

These are the most beloved watches with many exclusive features that people who don’t even dive prefer wearing diver watches as they are also a great style statement.

Chronograph Watch

Unlike other types of watches, these chronograph watches have a stopwatch mechanism that you can use to record the duration of some event as per your whim.

If you are not new to the world of watches, you might know the differentiation between a chronograph and other analog watches are their subdials and the extra crowns.

A chronograph watch has two sub-dials within the dial and two extra crowns above and under the main crown that can be toggled to use the stopwatch features.

Military or Field Watch

Like other watches on the list, a military watch also has a specific purpose. These watches are meant to be worn on the field. This kind of watch is very light to wear, and they are not polished since the focus is more on the functionality than the style.

Mainly, the soldiers wear a field watch to keep a record of time for punctuality and proper synchronization amongst the troops.

Some people might find a military watch quite simple, but they are designed so well that they are light on the hand and only serve the primary purpose of telling the time.

Digital Watch

The watch industry has come a long way from the old Casio watches to the more recent smartwatch watches that can tell the time and many more things. For instance, the newer smartwatches can even tell you the condition of your heart through ECG.

So, these are a few common types of cool watches that people prefer to wear. However, the list is not exclusive as there are many more types of watches that you can buy.

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