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How To Spot A Bad Auto Accident Lawyer

The success of your personal injury case is hinged on several things. From how you collect evidence to the lawyer you hire, getting things right is very important. In particular, you should work with the best attorney in town. However, not all lawyers are good. There are several warning signs of a bad lawyer. The following are key warning signs that you are dealing with the wrong lawyer.

Unsatisfactory Track Record

A good lawyer should have an excellent track record. Remember, there are several types of lawyers. The most notable ones are those who are out to take your money. In most cases, these lawyers have poor track records. For instance, they are notorious for vanishing with clients’ files or monies. Thus, check the track record of that lawyer. The best thing to do is look for reviews and testimonials. Past customers will help you identify a bad lawyer.

Poor Communication

Lawyers are trained to communicate coherently. After all, the law is all about communication. If your lawyer doesn’t communicate effectively, that is a red flag. For instance, a bad lawyer will ignore returning your calls. Also, bad lawyers tend to hang up. These are signs of a bad lawyer.

Vague Billing

A bad lawyer will be tempted to giving you vague billing. To him/her, money is everything. He/she will overcharge you. Still more, he/she will introduce billing aspects that don’t make sense. That’s why you should always review the billing to ensure that they are correct. This will protect you from being overcharged.

No Zest

A good lawyer should have a high level of enthusiasm. A bad lawyer will just take up your case for the sake of money. He/she will show you minimal motivation. Plus, if that lawyer isn’t motivated, it means that he/she is not confident, doesn’t have logic, and is not decisive enough. These are special attributes of a good lawyer. A lawyer that shows zest will inspire confidence.

Zero Empathy

Of course, making an income is a dream for many. However, that doesn’t give your lawyer the right to show zero empathy. A bad lawyer will only focus on the money. He/she is likely to deliver poor results. Thus, hire the best car accident lawyer San Antonio who can show a level of empathy.

Dishonest Behavior

Ethics is a key aspect of the legal field. All lawyers are required to show a high level of professionalism. This includes the way they handle clients. Plus, all lawyers should engage in legal activities. Thus, don’t keep quiet if you suspect that your lawyer is being involved in illegal activities. Speak up.

No Respect

A good lawyer should show respect. He/she should talk with you in a polite manner. Thus, if he/she abuses you, report it. Don’t keep quiet. You have a right to professional legal representation.

The Bottom-Line

You deserve the right legal representation. Thus, you shouldn’t put up with a rogue lawyer. A bad lawyer will never deliver results. He/she will be out to eat your money. The above are warning signs that you are dealing with a bad lawyer.

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