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Secrets to Creating a Magical Backyard Birthday Party for Your Child

Backyard birthday parties seem to be more popular than ever. The warm and sunny days of summer are the perfect backdrop to celebrate a child’s birthday and create a day that will never be forgotten. Also, perhaps many parents are not feeling comfortable with parties that are in indoor spaces since young children cannot be vaccinated yet. Or maybe we’ve invested a lot into our homes over the past year and want to show off all of our hard work!

No matter the reasons, deciding to host a DIY backyard birthday party that’s the best day ever can be a challenge. There are lots of places to purchase fancy themed party supplies, but what really goes into throwing a fantastic party that is loads of fun? How do you create an event where every guest feels included and the birthday child feels extra special?

Party Planning Experts, Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker, have hosted over 3,000 kids’ parties. They are also the founders of BLUEPRINT party plans, a DIY downloadable party planning service with over 27 themes that are fully customized. This dynamic duo understands that no two parties should ever be the same because no to kids are alike. It’s not a party in a box, it’s a set of easy-to-use step by step instructions that allow parents to set their own budgets and plan a stress-free memorable day.

They believe that the secret to creating the best party ever is a combination of high energy games that are inclusive, parents that are involved in the fun, and having a plan to eliminate the stresses of figuring out what to do. Monique and Ariel also recommend planning the theme around elements that the birthday child loves from snacks to music — and everything in between.

Thinking of hosting a party in your backyard, the beach or park? Here are Monique and Ariel’s top three tips for hosting a magical event.

The safety and security of all of the children is paramount.

Whether it’s your backyard, beach or park, it is always important to have extra pairs of eyes when in a private or public space. Create a perimeter in which the party will take place. Whether you use mini cones, sand pails, balloon trees or tiki torches, placing them strategy to set a boundary for the children to stay within will greatly help the energy in the event, and ensures that no child will wander off.

Embrace the party space you have chosen.

Plan activities that will incorporate all of the amazing things that parks and beaches have to offer. For example, relay races with kids filling pails with sand, running to a chosen spot, dumping the sand and returning to the line to hand off the pail to the next participant. Or if the park has a playground, use the swings, slides, etc., as an obstacle course. Use the trees in your backyard to hang decorations and your sprinkler as a fun place to cool off if the weather gets too hot.

Focus on high-energy party games.

Forget the fancy party décor and expensive entertainment. Kids love high-energy games like tennis ball relay races, jellybean runs, and marshmallow fights. Parties do not need to be competitions; they should be about inclusivity and feeling good. No one wants to be “out” waiting for one winner to be announced. A great party is about everyone feeling that they are a part of the fun. It’s about creating a positive atmosphere!

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