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3 Classic Games that Have Survived the Test of Time

Games, be it video games, board games, or gambling, have had a massive impact on pop culture. Besides some of the classic games becoming part of our culture, they have also influenced mainstream culture. They are not only played at family gatherings or on our phones, they have all been featured in films and TV shows and have even had songs made about them. So let’s see what makes some of these games important to our pop culture.


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A staple in British pop culture and a hit amongst the elderly, Bingo is one of the most well-known games, dating back to the 1930s. Many factors have contributed to its longevity, but its main advantage has been the ease with which it has adapted to modern times. Since the successful transition to the online medium, bingo has started growing in popularity, gaining access to a whole new audience. 

It has become more accessible, particularly for generations of people that prefer to carry out most of their activities through their phones. With online bingo at Paddy Power, even those who haven’t tried this game before can get help from their selection of tutorials and guides. Moreover, the games look nothing like they used to, abounding in innovative 3D graphics and high-quality background music.


This classic mystery game was the first game to bring elements of bluffing to the attention of board game players. In a house where a murder took place, there are six suspects to watch out for, and the purpose of the game is to find out who the murderer is, when the crime was committed, and what weapon was used. Everyone is a detective and you need to move faster on the board than the rest of them to be able to decipher the mystery.

Considering the storyline, it is understandable why it became a massive hit on its release. However, Cluedo maintained its popularity throughout the years, even when the generations have changed. Marketing here played an important role and there have been several spinoffs, books, a film, and a TV show as part of its franchise. The most recent version was released in 2012, based on the classic formula, but with plenty of modern touches.


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Back in the 1940s, the most popular board games were checkers, chess, and backgammon, all of which have survived the test of time. Probably the oldest of them all is backgammon, which is estimated to be around 5,000 years old. One of its main advantages is that it is a two-player game, which is great news for when you want to play something, but you don’t have enough players. 

Each one of you gets fifteen pieces that need to be moved around the board according to the roll of two dice. Because in its original form it is quite a bulky object, it is more well known for its online versions. There are plenty of platforms that feature backgammon and you can even play with people from all around the world, who are still fascinated by this ancient game. Although there aren’t many countries that keep practicing this game, it still thrives in tournaments and private clubs.

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