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6 Questions You Should Ask A Hair Transplant Clinic

The hair transplant market is widely developed across the world. Thousands of clinics offer this procedure, promising the best result and individual approach. The medical centers do their best to only make patients pay money. However, not every clinic is conscientious and can keep its promises. The Internet is full of sad stories related to the poor result of hair transplants and even injuries. To avoid such a negative experience, it is important to select a clinic with a good reputation and entrust your appearance to highly-skilled specialists.

Below you can find 6 questions to ask a hair transplant clinic before paying money.

Can you provide your patients’ photos before and after a hair transplant?

The hair transplant clinics that are proud of their results won’t hide them from future clients. So, you can always find before and after photos on the clinic’s website. In the case, they are absent, you can request those images. If the clinic refuses to provide you such photos for any reason, it may be a sign that the medical center just does not have proof or enough experience regarding hair transplant cases.

When you receive photos from the clinic, see them in details to understand whether you want to get the same outcome.

How many hair transplants have you performed?

The clinics that specialize in hair transplants must have enough performed procedures. The center has to show you the statistics. The number of hair transplants should not be less than 600-700 carried out by one surgeon. Remember that the more operations that have been conducted, the better result you will receive.

How much will I pay for a hair transplant totally?

To avoid some messy situation with money, ask your clinic how much will you pay totally and what services you will receive. For instance, the cost of hair implant in Turkey (starting from $1,300) already includes hotel stay, transfer, and interpreter’s service. The hair transplant price in Turkey is among the most transparent — Turkish local clinics work according to the “all-inclusive” system. However, clinics in not every country can provide a package price. So, you need to specify what you pay for.

Who will manage my operation?

The choice of the clinic is important; but more important is who will perform the procedure. The doctor’s experience is among the most essential factors. Get to know the name of a hair transplant specialist who will manage your hair transplant, consider his/her CV in detail, pay attention to the education and working experience. The number of performed hair transplant is an eloquent fact — the most experienced doctors have at least 4,000 hair transplants on their account.

Where can I find reviews on your services?

Often, the experience of other people is the most reliable source of information. It is better to find reviews regarding the clinic on independent websites, trust only reviews with attached photos.

Do you provide a warranty for the procedure?

Some hair transplant clinics are so sure of the great result of hair transplant that are ready to provide you the warranty (up to 98% effectiveness).

Before agreeing to have a hair transplant in a clinic and pay money, you need to know as much as possible about a medical center. Nowadays, there are a lot of forums, websites, blogs to find the necessary info. It is better to waste some time for such a little investigation than put money or even health away.

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