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Planning For Remote Work? Here Are 8 Softwares That Can Ease The Workflow

The year has been surprising for every industry, and it has completely changed the way things were done. It is all thanks to technology that the global economy has survived the ongoing global crisis. Remote work has emerged as the sole solution for numerous industries, and businesses have no choice other than accepting it.

But what started as a precaution has now become a worldwide phenomenon. With time, remote work has proven to be a viable solution for the majority of the sectors. Currently, most organizations allow work from home to their employees without significantly hindering their output.

People prefer to work with convenience, and that is precisely what remote working facilitates. However, maintaining comfort takes a strenuous effort. A business cannot function without effective communication and guidance.

That is why organizations have turned to different tools and software to help simplify remote work. The web is filled with searches like what are the best cmms software for routine remote work. With such searches becoming popular, the market has witnessed an unprecedented surge in remote work and task management software.

Now that a business possesses hundreds of software to choose from, it is crucial to pick the best one. That is why the blog will specify the top 8 software to help your organization maintain smooth remote work. Here are the top software a business should use for efficient remote work:

8 Best Software for Enhanced Remote Work


The first entrant on the list is Slack, an effective team communication software. Communication is crucial in remote work, and Slack can facilitate quality communication with severely few complications. The software allows performing different types of communication, making it the one-stop station for every interaction requirement.

It is also compatible with platforms like Trello, GitHub, and HelpScout, increasing its overall value. The search bar feature in the software lets you look for any link, text, or conversation at the blink of an eye. This can prove to be beneficial for businesses indulging in remote work for a long time.

Then there are features like file sharing, private chats, and code snippets, enhancing the app’s overall functionality.


Speaking of communication, there are times when the organization needs to conduct team meetings. This is where Zoom excels as it is one of the best video conferencing software on the web. While it also offers a chat option, it is the video conferencing part, which sets the software apart from the competition.

The app is accessible, and even someone who has not used the app before can function without any hassle. Setting up an account on Zoom hardly takes 2 minutes, and you can get started on it anytime you want. The audio-video features on the platform are versatile, and you get several options to personalize your team meeting.

You can record the meeting, get multiple screen views, and even use voice detection on Zoom. Plus, the tool functions the same on different devices, making it a must for every organization working remotely.


GitHub is a renowned name in the software development industry, and it has helped several organizations survive adverse market conditions. Sharing any open source project is significantly simple on GitHub with multiple features to try out.

The documentation experience on GitHub is premium, and the organization can keep track of any change in real-time. Moreover, the wide variety of integration options make it a readymade software for remote work.

Google Drive

There may not be many people who have not heard of and used Google Drive. The cloud-based platform is renowned for its storage management properties worldwide. Using Google Drive is simple, and it proposes features like file uploading and directory creation.

The files can also be shared with anyone with an email account, making it profitable for every firm. Organizations can use the platform for creating and editing slides, spreadsheets, documents. Moreover, the enterprise can monitor every change live while owning the ability to accept or reject any document suggestion.


Trello is another well-known name on the list, ranking amidst the best collaboration and project management tools. The tool is renowned for its ease-of-use and adaptability, making it a beneficial addition to your remote work. If you struggle with keeping up with deadlines, Trello is your go as it offers simple functions to remind you of nearing deadlines.

The platform is mobile-friendly and dishes out instant notifications, making it pivotal for employees working in the low network area. Additionally, the pricing structure for Trello is straightforward, allowing you to make a decision instantly.


If your organization deals with passwords frequently, then you need a platform like 1Password to back you. Sharing passwords over the web can be risky as they can get lost under a heap of emails or get marked as inappropriate.

That is where 1Password chimes in with its ability to record numerous passwords in one place securely. With the app, you can securely share the password for every paid tool without any worries.


Owning a workflow automation tool is essential nowadays, and Zapier emerges as one of the best options on the web. Issues like lack of communication and geographical barriers can hinder the workflow of any business. That is why you need Zapier to manage your remote team with minimal physical efforts.

You can connect your favorite software on the platform and share data between them without a hitch. Plus, it facilitates workflow sharing, making it a viable choice in 2020.


Finance and account management is a critical part of every enterprise, and Xero helps you maintain both. Be it cost tracking or budget management, Xero facilitates multiple options to help you out. With its bill payment feature, you can easily handle your monthly payments.

The software allows a payment schedule, so you can make batch payments and rest assured.


Remote work has become a norm in numerous industries, with organizations accepting the trend happily. As the movement does not seem to be disappearing for a long time, businesses are looking for long-term solutions like work order software to facilitate remote work.

With the market offering an abundance of viable options, choosing the best software can be confusing. That is why the blog has specified the top 8 apps for quality remote work. So check them out and enhance your remote workflow management.

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