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10 Vaping Tips for Taking Electronic Cigarette in Healthiest Way

Quitting smoking is one of the biggest healthy habits you can build starting today. However, you’re probably sick of using patches that do not work at all. And, nicotine gum offers you hiccup within only 5 minutes after you chew it. Weird inhalers do not offer you the hit that you have to make this through the tensed ten minutes, even without a real cigarette.

Quit Smoking

You’ve decided that you’ll need to try some electronic cigarettes, because you have seen a few people using those, and also most of your friends use them in order to stop smoking.

Follow the Next Steps

When you have been having the e-cigarettes for some time, and you see that you have comfortable stamina to use that properly. Then you must consider quitting down your nicotine intake. It is a horrible thought.

I am not saying that you will not notice the major difference because you surely would. However, it is a small cost to pay. Only imagine switching the cigarette brand, or adopting “lighter” tobacco, so you will surely have the correct idea. Same as the alterations to your cigarette habits that you made during the last few years, you & your body would soon become used to that. It just takes some time.

Take into consideration changing e-liquid strengths

A few e-cigarette companies would mention strengths available in the market. Hence, if you need to do yours in more, a bit small stages, then feel free to take V2 Cigs.

It gives a large variety of strengths. Plus, White Cloud is one more amazing e-cig company. They have got the highest strengths & cartridges that we have come across till today. You can also buy cheap bongs online.

When you need to take the low e-liquid

You would notice when the proper time finally comes to begin hitting the low e-liquid stuff anyway. That is how this went for me. I’ve already started leaving the e-cigarette that I take at my home. I was not as reliant on that as I was in the beginning, and though I was still craving nicotine. But, I did not freak out much while I felt I had to wait for some more time before going back home to take it.

There’re times when I left that in my office overnight and needed to resort to taking the old backup kit that I had purchased many years before. When you begin forgetting that, you are not dependent on it. Also, your brain is not persistently thinking about that, too. You must accept it as it isn’t anything bad!

If you take the low strength thing, then you must deliberately need to leave your e-cigarette at home. While you are going to work, put that in the bag and place that in the trunk. By doing so, you would not get to that.

Make the entire journey without the stuff, and you will notice how good you feel. You should also try not to take that on your way to school along with the children. Leave that at home than tucking your e-cigarette in the pocket while you go to for groceries. The main trick is getting used to as a non-smoker & often, that just means as a non-smoker, although it is just for one or two hours.

The low strength is one big step ahead of being the non-smoker. Soon, you would be on the way to being a non-nicotine person.

Consider the money that you might be saving. Your health benefits could be better. Studies have revealed that stopping smoking can enhance your life quality in a hundred ways & even a thousand different ways. Is it not the time for you to start enjoying your life again as a non-smoker? Consider the money you will save on the air fresheners for the smoke-free home!

Even after a few months on your low strength nicotine liquid or cartridges, and some more attempts to leave that at your home when you leave home, you must start seeing going to no nicotine.

No Nicotine

It is a horrible thought. However, if you decide to stop smoking, then you should have believed this day will come soon. That day you will surely be without any nicotine-chain that you were holding by for many years, in some cases decades.

Get a few bottles of no strength liquids in order to refill the cartridge with, and just have those to hand. Do not fix a date for that if you do not wish to. It might be much of a scary thought for many. One day you would more than just wake up & say “it’s that day” & make the switch. Once again, that is the approach that I followed, and it did work well, at least for in my case. And the liquid also turned up & I used to put that in my e-cigarette paraphernalia drawer, thinking to forget all this for some time. After three days, I placed the low strength liquid in my drawer but took out the no strength liquid. That’s the day when I did it.

The Trick to Getting That Right Is…

For quitting e-smoking, you need to do this gradually. I did find the quicker I attempted to stop, the worse was the attempt. The 3rd time I stopped with my e-cigarettes, I spent 3 to 4 weeks on different strengths before trying the next. Within only five months, I’d stopped smoking, and within 90 days, I was back to cigarette smoking.

Hence, the longer you take in different steps, the better your time length for giving up. My good attempt was while I took eight months in order to stop smoking forever.

The most important thing that I know is that you would not know how nicely you would do when you do not give that a try. You can do all that you want to do, but it happens gradually. If you stop smoking for a month and saving 200 dollars, then you are boosting your health.


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