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Four Simple Ways to Show Love This Valentine’s Day

Don’t fear the romance cliché this Valentine’s Day. We know that it’s become somewhat “uncool” to go all out with the traditional sweetheart gestures on Valentine’s Day in recent years. However, the truth is that sappy, unapologetic romance is back in a big way this Valentine’s Day. It’s high time to return to romantic gestures on the most romantic day of the year. Are you looking for some simple and true ways to show your love on Feb. 14? Take a look at four ways to show love this Valentine’s Day.

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Go Out to Dinner

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day has gotten somewhat of a bad rap in recent years. Some people have fallen into the trap of thinking that Valentine’s Day dinner is cliché. However, the truth is that dinner out became a tradition precisely because it’s such a perfect way to celebrate the holiday! What could be better than sitting down for a delicious meal at a place you love? Going out takes away the pressure to buy ingredients, whip up something complicated and deal with the dishes. The secret to pulling off a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner outcomes down to selecting a restaurant that actually reflects your personality and style. This is not the day of the year to try to go to some fancy restaurant because you think that’s what couples are supposed to do. There are actually plenty of great Valentine’s Day deals happening at all types of restaurants that people love.

Just Say It!

People can go a little overboard with the romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day. However, there’s nothing overboard about simply letting your sweetheart know that they’re loved and appreciated. You could give a card, draft a sonnet, write a song or fly a message on the back of an airplane in the sky. There’s also a pretty simple way to get your point across. Why not make “I Love You” the first thing your special someone hears on Valentine’s Day? This may involve setting the alarm clock! Just make sure that you say those three magic words to your sweetheart as soon as the clock strikes midnight to let them know you care. This very sweet and simple gesture shows that you care enough to plan ahead!

Make a New Dish at Home

Adding some spice to your relationship sometimes means actually adding some spice to your relationship. Valentine’s Day is not the time to use the same recipes you always use for date night. Why not track down a delicious recipe to try out on Valentine’s Day? Have fun simply hanging around in the kitchen as you experiment with new ingredients and flavors that really awaken the senses. Trying something from a vegan valentines dinner menu is a great way to keep the meal light and satisfying! After all, nothing’s better than giving your sweetheart a heart-healthy meal.

Give a Personalized Gift From the Heart

It’s true that you can’t buy love. However, you can often win it using a very thoughtful and creative homemade gift. Skip the cliché gifts in favor of something totally unique. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with mixing traditional romantic gifts with a personalized spin. For instance, you can place a dozen red roses in a glass vase that you’ve personalized with colorful stained-glass paint to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Ready, Set, Romance

Going big can look a lot like going simple when you focus on enjoying a fun experience for Valentine’s Day. The bottom line is that sweet intentions win out over over-the-top gestures every time. Start planning a night of sweet gestures and good food now!

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