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Accessible and Awesome! 5 Awesome Travel Destinations for People With Disabilities

In just one year, approximately 41.77 million Americans travel overseas. This makes sense—after all, a craving for adventure and a little bit of wanderlust are part of the human condition.

For this reason, you’ve probably cursed any disability you may have. You want to see the world, too—it isn’t fair that something out of your control is holding you back!

While this is a totally valid feeling to have, you need to know that there are amazing disability accessible travel destinations. So pack your bags and read on at full speed ahead before heading out on the adventure of a lifetime!

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city that has actually made a formal commitment to be “barrier-free.” This means that it’s accessible to people in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. In fact, Berlin was awarded the European Commission’s Access City award and congratulated on having accessible public transit and building entry.

If chronic pain is stopping you from traveling to even an area as accessible as Berlin, the Kratom Connection can help. Eliminating this pain is as simple as getting a prescription for Kratom!

2. London, England

London is known for its disability-friendly neighborhoods, too- specifically, it has created a lot of sensory-friendly areas for autistic people and those with learning disabilities like ADHD. Silent parties are a huge thing in this city, and if you ever get too overwhelmed with… well, anything, you can always duck into one of the abundant tea rooms or bookshops.

3. Sydney, Australia

When you travel to Sydney, you can use something called the Accessibility Map to see where disabled parking spaces and accessible public restrooms are. This is pretty awesome for those with mobility or sensory issues.

Another awesome thing about Sydney is that almost all the signs in the city are written in Braille. This includes street signs and signs denoting what certain buildings are! If you’re blind or have sight issues, you’ll have no issues with finding accommodation in Sydney.

4. Kailua Beach, Oahu

Kailua Beach is a pacific beach in the southeast portion of Oahu. While Waikiki is known for its soft sand and beautiful views, it isn’t very easy to access in a wheelchair. On the other hand, Kailua beach has the same fine sand and lovely sunsets while actively renting wheelchairs out to disabled guests!

5. South Africa Accessible Safaris

If you want to enter into a whole new world, South Africa is a really cool place to go. Safaris are a lot of fun- you’ll get to see and hear all sorts of animals and plants that you wouldn’t otherwise. Certain safaris in South Africa have taken measures to be more accessible to those with disabilities by adding ramps and easy-to-hike trails.

Explore Disability Accessible Travel Destinations

While having a disability can make travel a challenge, there’s no reason to let it stop you from living life to the fullest.

Now that you know some of the best disability accessible travel destinations around the world, it’s time to begin exploring! Check out the ‘travel’ tab on our homepage. Here, you’ll get more insight into how to plan and pack for your next adventure.

Bon voyage!

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