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Stairlifts – Back Through The Toddlers To Toothless

Except for those very rare unfortunate events and accidents that occur, most of the humans take the beaten track of life, where one embarks the journey by crying out into this world and ends beneath the soil when others mourn for you. The journey takes you through many easy stages and some hard stages. One stage that everyone fears are the old age where one meets the signs of aging (graying hair, falling tooth, fragile bones and insides). The ones that fear this stage of life is not just the ones who have to go through it, but also the ones who are bound to look after them. The old age is one age that needs to be handled with care, since the fragility that this age brings is not just to the physique of these people but also their mental strength. So, the ones who take care of these people, be it the children or the organizations, must meticulously handle their matters.

As aging brings many weaknesses to the body functions, it imparts a frail and fumbling nature to the body and mind. With many people leading lives in totally deplorable conditions with no one to look after them, this world needs to concert to provide such people with a proper place to live in and the slightest bits of happiness as they make their way towards a more harmonious end. This needs to be looked into and every person should be given the best treatment in those old days so that it doubles the peace within them. In those elderly days, people might go through different health issues and one of them could be immobility.

Stair lifts

Maybe not everyone will know what the term stair lift means; it is an apparatus that is used in lifting people over stairs. The old age can hamper people with one of the biggest issues, immobility, and they might get confined to chairs which help them in moving around. A stair lift is for such people who face difficulty in moving, when in need of going up the stairs. This mechanical device is configured in such a way that it functions as an elevator to take such physically challenged or disabled people over a slope.

The stair lift has different parts and integral features to it that should always be looked into while purchasing and installing. Stair lift track is the path provided on which the Stair lift seat is installed and it has got grooves along with its structure and the seat installed moves along this path upwards. The quality and the customizations of the track determine the overall costs, maintenance costs and durability of the whole device to an extent. The seat can also be customized to the user’s needs since this part of the device is the one that the user is in contact with and the comfort of the user matters the most. The hardware of the device is an imperative part since that and the safety features are what keeps the user safe from falling off and injuries, which is of paramount importance. The warranty of the device also matters (about 3-5 years, also extendable), since it gives a security to the life and durability of the device on which an amount of money is spent. The stairlift buyers guide can guide you through the features, price, warranty and everything about buying a stair lift.


Different types of tracks can be installed, the most commonly used being the straight, curved and outdoor.

Straight tracks

These tracks are usually used for easy movement over a stair that has a straight flight over to the next floor. This is the least expensive and easiest to install type.

Curved tracks

Such tracks are used when the user has to take stairs that have a curved path or for easy movement on to a landing. These are a bit more expensive than the straight tracks and the installation process would be much more difficult since the path will have bends that need to be covered with accurate calculations and measurements.

Outdoor tracks

Some companies offer indoor tracks for outdoor purposes also, since the mechanisms, accessories used would be the same; but when it comes to outdoor tracks more durability should be ensured for the changing climates. The outdoor tracks are pretty expensive with installations almost of the same difficulty degree.


This is the component of the device that helps in propelling the user over the flight of the stairs and down it too. The seats will have different features depending on the cost of the device, which could be further customized. A few things to be checked and looked into while selecting the chairs for the device should be the chair speed, type of drive, type of seats.

Safety features

The safety that the device provides should be ensured so that the user stays safe. To ensure this, check into the quality of the accessories, the seatbelt, obstruction, and keylocks. These features are what keeps the safety of the user guaranteed.

All these factors considered, the hardware quality and specs, the warranty of the product, and the price collectively plays into the final decision making of which option to pick and what all customizations and configurations to go for.

This technology of stairlift is essential for the people who suffer from immobility, be it the old people or even the physically challenged ones. With the technology providing such high-class facilities, do the right thing by giving the aged people a proper life; choose the right options, configure and customize it in a way that makes the user comfortable, so that mobility does not remain implausible anymore.

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