The Happy Co.: Spreading Happiness Globally Through Wellness Products and Community

A Deep Dive into the Vision, Evolution, and Future of a Brand Devoted to Promoting Wellness and Happiness

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Happy Co., previously known as Elevacity, rebranded in a move to align their identity with their mission of spreading happiness and promoting health.
  2. Headquartered in Plano, TX, the company’s executive leadership includes CEO Bo Short, President Garrett McGrath, CMO Clare Holbrook, and COO Tony Chaplin.
  3. The Happy Co. has rapidly grown, reaching over 410,000 customers and generating $15 million in monthly sales within its first two years.
  4. The company primarily offers mood-enhancing and nootropic science-based products under the health and wellness category.
  5. Their focus is not just on the products they sell but also on building a community that embodies their vision of happiness.
  6. A successful rebranding effort, backed by a premier digital marketing agency, has led to a more inclusive and representative brand image for The Happy Co.
  7. The company recently secured an investor infusion of $30 million, and plans to expand its operations to Asia, including a direct selling license in South Korea.

A Journey of Joy: From Elevacity to The Happy Co.

The Happy Co. started its journey as Elevacity, distributing joy to its customers through its wellness products. With more than 410,000 customers signing up in just the first two years, Elevacity saw remarkable growth and impressive sales. What started as a wellness products company organically transformed into a platform radiating happiness. This transformation was more than just in the name; it was a shift in the company’s core identity and vision.

The Products: More than Just Commodities

The Happy Co. offers a variety of health and wellness products that focus on mood enhancement and nootropic science. The company believes in offering solutions that not only cater to physical health but also uplift spirits and foster a positive mindset. Their commitment to ‘happy beverages’ further emphasizes their dedication to infusing happiness into every aspect of their business.

More Than a Business: A Culture of Happiness and Community

At The Happy Co., business isn’t just about selling products. The company fosters a warm and inviting culture that encourages connection and conversation. Morning chats over coffee and afternoon walks become opportunities for their field leaders, distributors, customers, and staff to connect, discuss, and live out a happiness-focused lifestyle. The emphasis on community builds a sense of belonging and promotes shared happiness, creating a loyal and engaged customer base.

A New Dawn: The Rebranding of Elevacity to The Happy Co.

The decision to transition from Elevacity to The Happy Co. was a strategic move aimed at better aligning the company’s identity with its mission and vision. Enlisting the help of BVA, a renowned digital marketing agency, the company embarked on a lengthy creative evaluation and brand refresh process. The outcome was a new brand name and visual identity that oozes happiness. The refreshed brand uses a color palette that embodies warmth and joy, and the logo art mimics both sunbeams and a smile, symbolizing the company’s mission to spread happiness.

The Future of The Happy Co.: What’s Next?

The rebranding of The Happy Co. extends beyond a name change. The “Co.” in the name signifies connection, community, collaboration, co-creation, and more, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to creating a happier world together. The company is also rolling out happiness-focused product packaging and messaging and aims to create a customer-first, mobile-first brand identity to meet the demands of an industry moving towards social media and digital platforms.

The Happy Co.’s growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. With a recent investment of $30 million and plans for expansion into Asia, including a direct selling license in South Korea, the company is poised to spread its happiness philosophy on a global scale.


The Happy Co.’s journey from Elevacity to its current brand incarnation is a testament to the power of aligning business strategy with core values and customer needs. With a focus on promoting health and wellness, fostering community, and spreading happiness, the company is set to make significant strides in the industry. The rebranding effort has set the stage for The Happy Co. to continue its growth trajectory, serving as an example of how a brand can successfully combine business growth with a commitment to positive social impact. The future for The Happy Co. certainly looks bright – and happy.

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