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Bartlett Grain Co LP: A Century-Long Journey of Excellence in Agribusiness

Deep Dive into the Evolution, Achievements, and Future Prospects of a Key Player in Grain Merchandising and Storage, Flour and Feed Milling, and Cattle Feeding

Key Takeaways:

  1. Bartlett Grain Co LP, a cornerstone of the Midwest U.S. agribusiness sector, has a primary focus on grain merchandising and storage, flour and feed milling, and cattle feeding.
  2. Founded in 1907, the company’s headquarters are situated in Kansas City, Missouri.
  3. The company has a vast operational presence, maintaining facilities in ten states across the Midwest U.S. and extending its reach into Mexico.
  4. As part of the Food, Drink & Tobacco industry, Bartlett & Co contributes to a crucial sector that directly impacts the global food supply chain.

Bartlett Grain Co LP: A Rich History of Growth and Expansion

Founded in 1907, Bartlett Grain Co LP is a company deeply woven into the fabric of American agribusiness. With its headquarters nestled in Kansas City, Missouri, the company has grown from humble beginnings to establish a significant presence in the Midwest U.S. and beyond.

Main Operations: Grain Merchandising, Flour and Feed Milling, and Cattle Feeding

A diversified portfolio allows Bartlett Grain Co LP to cater to a wide range of needs within the agribusiness sector. The company has firmly positioned itself as a leader in grain merchandising and storage, flour and feed milling, and cattle feeding.

Grain Merchandising and Storage

As a key player in the grain merchandising sector, Bartlett Grain Co LP plays a crucial role in the U.S. agricultural landscape. Their services involve the purchasing, selling, storing, and shipping of various types of grain, including wheat, corn, and soybeans, among others.

With storage facilities strategically located across the Midwest and in Mexico, the company is well-positioned to meet the demands of grain farmers and consumers alike. These facilities serve as crucial hubs for the safekeeping of harvested grains before they are processed or shipped to various destinations.

Flour and Feed Milling

Bartlett Grain Co LP has also made significant inroads in the flour and feed milling industry. This part of their operation involves the transformation of raw grain into flour for baking and other culinary applications, as well as feed for livestock and poultry.

The company’s milling facilities are well-equipped to handle the production process, from the initial grain cleaning stages to the final milling stages. The final products — high-quality flour and feed — contribute significantly to the food and animal husbandry sectors.

Cattle Feeding

The company’s involvement in cattle feeding represents another dimension of its diversified business portfolio. Bartlett Grain Co LP operates cattle feedlots where cattle are fattened on grains and other feed products. This operation forms a vital link in the chain that delivers quality beef products to consumers’ tables.

A Panoramic Presence: Bartlett Grain Co LP’s Footprint

Despite its roots in Kansas City, Bartlett Grain Co LP’s operations have spread far and wide, reflecting its growth and ambition. The company maintains facilities across ten states in the Midwest U.S., an agricultural powerhouse region known for its significant grain production.

Moreover, the company’s reach extends beyond U.S. borders, with operations present in Mexico. This international presence allows Bartlett Grain Co LP to tap into diverse markets, fostering broader business relationships and promoting cross-border trade.

Industry Impact: A Vital Player in Food, Drink & Tobacco Sector

Bartlett Grain Co LP is a part of the broader Food, Drink & Tobacco industry. This industry forms a critical part of the global economy and impacts our daily lives, influencing everything from the food on our tables to the economic health of the nations.

Through its grain merchandising and storage, flour and feed milling, and cattle feeding operations, Bartlett Grain Co LP contributes significantly to this industry. The company aids in maintaining a steady flow of key commodities within the food supply chain, ensuring a continuous supply of grain products, flour, feed, and beef to markets across the U.S. and beyond.

Looking Ahead: Bartlett Grain Co LP’s Future

With over a century of experience under its belt, Bartlett Grain Co LP has weathered many storms and emerged stronger. The company’s longevity is a testament to its ability to adapt to changing market conditions, economic landscapes, and customer needs.

As Bartlett Grain Co LP looks towards the future, its continued commitment to quality and service, combined with its wide-reaching operational presence, positions it favorably for ongoing success. The company is poised to continue playing a key role in the agribusiness sector, ensuring that grains, flour, feed, and beef products continue to flow through our food supply chains for many years to come.


In conclusion, Bartlett Grain Co LP stands as a shining beacon in the world of agribusiness, embodying a legacy of resilience, innovation, and service. From its roots in Kansas City to its footprint across the Midwest U.S. and Mexico, the company is a testament to the positive impacts that dedicated, purpose-driven businesses can have on the economy, the industry, and our everyday lives.

As we continue to face global food security challenges, the role of companies like Bartlett Grain Co LP becomes even more pivotal. Their ongoing commitment to maintaining and enhancing the vital links within our food supply chains ensures that we can look forward to a future where our tables continue to be laden with quality food products.

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