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Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Watches

Are you considering a wooden watch for yourself? Perhaps you’re thinking about one as a gift for a loved one or significant other. Or maybe you’ve never even heard of wooden watches.

Regardless of where you’re at, wooden watches continue to be a growing trend and a unique alternative to traditional time-telling wristwear. This guide will tell you all you need to know about wooden watches, including why you just might have to buy one.

Benefits of Wooden Watches

Wooden watches function in the same way as any regular watch but they also come with countless benefits. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for long-term wear and a practical alternative to their heavy metal cousins.

Wooden watches are also great for the environment. They are constructed with non-toxic and all-natural renewable resources. Unlike other watches, which are made with synthetic plastic straps or unsustainably mined metals.

If you are one of those people who don’t wear watches because you suffer from metal allergies or sensitive skin, then wooden watches are a great solution. They are hypoallergenic so you won’t have to worry about green skin or breaking out in an itchy rash.

What Makes Wooden Watches Special

Not everyone owns a wooden watch and even though they’ve been around for a while, they are still quite rare. Having a wooden watch on your wrist will definitely attract attention, not to mention it’s a great conversation starter.

They come in loads of different styles, including accents, colors, and face sizes. So, they are perfect for accessorizing a specific look or adding some flair to your regular wardrobe.

One of the best things about owning a wooden watch is they are 100% unique. No two pieces will ever be the same because the wood they are crafted from is always going to be different. Your watch will always be distinctly you, even in the way it changes with age.

Because wooden watches are so personal, they also make for thoughtful presents. This article explains why wooden watches make the perfect gift.

Buyers Guide

There are a lot of different things to consider when purchasing a wooden watch. Before diving into your purchase, check out company reviews to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source. Once that part is out of the way then the fun begins.

Choose Your Wood

There are lots of different types of wood used in creating wooden watches, and each one brings its own unique colors and features to the watch. Some common woods include:

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Sandalwood
  • Teak
  • Zebrawood

Again, you should make sure you trust the source you are buying from, as some companies resort to using faux wood.

Select a Face Size

Although the strap is important as well, the face of your watch is the feature that people notice first. As a rule of thumb is should be no larger than two-thirds of your wrist. This allows the watch to serve as a noticeable accent feature rather than a cumbersome eyesore.

Decide on a Style

Once you know what type of wood you like and the general face size, you can think about style. Are you looking for a sleek and understated watch or something busy, bold, and attention-grabbing? When it comes to wooden watches, you are sure to find a style that suits your personal preferences.

Some wooden watches adhere to the natural wooden look, while others incorporate other materials. Decide on whether you want a fusion of metal accents and color pops, like pink or blue. Or if you want to stick with more muted tones and materials.

Pick a Mechanism

Did you know that not all watches require batteries? When selecting a wooden watch you can choose between battery-operated or self-winding options that utilize counterweights to function. Some wooden watches even have an open face design that allows you to see the inner workings of the watch.

Get a Warranty

This last option is really up to you and might depend on the company you’re buying from. If you’re investing in a higher-end wooden watch, it’s not a bad idea to add a warranty plan. Then you can rest easy knowing you’re covered if your watch ever needs a tune-up or repairs.

How to Care for Your Wooden Watch

To increase the longevity of your wooden watch, it’s important to know how to care for it. Like any watch, you should make sure that you are storing it correctly to avoid scratches and dents. Also, make a point of keeping it away from harmful chemicals that can damage the finish of the wood.

Clean it regularly with a damp cloth to help prevent the wood from darkening. Another option is to make a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice and use a cotton swab to remove existing stains and clean the inside of small crevices. Just make sure to wipe your watch thoroughly afterward.

Don’t get your wooden watch wet. Although most wooden watches are water-resistant, excessive or frequent exposure can damage and even destroy your watch. Take off and safely store your watch before heading out for a rainy run or a sweaty trip to the gym.

Avoid rapid and extreme temperature changes, such as leaving your watch in your car on a hot day. Variable temperatures cause wood to shrink and expand. This can lead to permanent warping and hinder the watch’s ability to function.

Why You Should Buy a Wood Watch

Wooden watches are an incredible alternative to traditional options. Not only are they fashionable and comfortable, but they are eco-friendly and unique. So rather than putting on that old metal clunker, consider stepping up your game by investing in a wooden watch.

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